On Wednesday's We Wear Pink

 Blazer - Vera Moda at Asos. Top - Zara. Jeans - Goldsign. Heels - River Island
My boyfriend and I have been wrestling over the duvet for the last couple of nights in our war against the cold, my legs have not been bared in over a week, I've broken two umbrellas because of the force from the rain, my skin has been wrinkled silly from taking the hottest of showers in the morning, there is too much traffic on the roads from kids being back at school, the first of the golden/red/brown leaves have started falling from the trees, and I have been drinking copious amounts of tea.. This can only mean one thing.

Autumn, we meet again.

I sound like I may be complaining, but I'm really not. Like I said in a few posts down, I really love this transition period. I think people start dressing better in Autumn, (maybe because it's beginning to get cold, or maybe because it's the beginning of fashion week?), no one looks at you like you're an OAP when you order tea, and TV suddenly gets good every night because everyone starts staying home wrapped up in their cosy blankets.

I also like Autumn because it's three of my best friend's birthday's, halloween, bonfire night, and the ideal season to bake apple pies (which is my new favourite hobby - who would have thought!?).

However, like you (I'm sure), there are some things that I too am not looking forward to in the upcoming season/s. The days get darker earlier, the weather gets uncomfortably cold, no one wants to go out and play anymore, and the sky gets a permanent and ugly makeover in the shade of grey-black.

Not to fear mon ami's, there is a light at the end of the tunnel..

The light is that pink is the new black this season. Featured in Topshop Unique and Simon Rocha AW13 shows, pink is the go-to colour to add excitement back to the drab days we are about to experience.

Spice up your season by investing in some pink pieces that will make you feel pretty, girly, and cute. Add a splash of colour to the grey-black days and fit in with the plastics from Mean Girls while you're at it.

If head-to-toe in different shades of pink is too sugary sweet for you, then add just a few items in the colour, for example some gorgeous dusky pink jewelled earrings, or a block-coloured pink handbag, or even pink nail polish to pep up your outfit. 

I added my pink blazer (above) to add some zing to my interview outfit and something must have worked because I got offered the job on the spot. So try it yourself and see if you can make some pink-magic happen too!

Here are my top picks:

Happy Shopping! xoxo

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