New York Fashion Week SS14: Kate Spade New York

As I've said time and time again, Kate Spade New York is my most favourite brand ever, ever, EVER. I helped to look after the PR for the brand here in London while I was working at Starworks and it made me fall in love with the quirky styles of such a retro label even more.

If I could, I would dress head-to-toe in Kate Spade New York forever and ever. But alas, I am unemployed (but hopeful) so that lifestyle choice doesn't abide well in my current (dire) situation. But you know, a girl can dream.

As you can imagine, Kate Spade is the one New York Fashion Week show/presentation that I was most looking forward to and here is a sneak peek as to why:

Okay, okay.. I have to confess. I know I promised you a sneak peek, but this is actually more or less the whole of the SS14 collection. I just couldn't resist guys! Everything was too good to not include! I'm obsessed! OBSESSED!! 

I would wear every single item of clothing in this collection every single day for the rest of my life. I'd wear it for brunch dates, lunches, dinners, parties, meetings, work, play, to travel in, to holiday in.. Basically, EVERY OCCASION EVER KNOWN TO MAN.

Every single item of clothing is so cute, quirky, tailored, early 60's, pretty, prim, fun, playful, stylish, trendy, and Blair Waldorf-esque. Are there any more adjectives I'm missing?! 

Deborah Lloyd, chief creative officer for the brand, says she is often inspired by her travels. Lauren Sherman describes this further, "After leaving nearby Paris—its wrought-iron gates represented in a charming black and white print on a tea dress, as well as a peplum—it was off to the races. In Monaco, to be exact, where Lloyds husband, who rallies vintage cars in his spare time, hopes to compete next year. There, the KSNY girl wears a navy blue skater dress with a halter neckline—a thick white zipper up the front giving it a sporty feel—and carries a racing flag-inspired checkerboard box clutch. Next, Lloyd's muse headed to Capri, where limone-printed circle skirts and matching bags were the order of the day."

Gosh, to be Deborah Lloyd and to get to travel all around the best parts of Europe for 'work' - that really sounds like every girl's dream!

Every single item of clothing in this presentation is perfect. Individually or put together, they make an immaculate outfit that is a definite crowd pleaser.

If I saw someone dressed like this, I'd want to be friends with them immediately. So with that in mind, I have three interviews this week and if I get any one of these bloody jobs, I know where I'm headed to with my first pay-check in hand! xoxo

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