It's About Time!

On Saturday, Alex and I went to see the highly anticipated film by Richard Curtis, (director of Notting Hill and Love Actually for all of you who may not know), 'About Time.'

I knew I was going to love About Time even before watching it because I love Richard Curtis. His films are always lovely, sentimental, funny, and emphasise great values, morals and principles that are mostly to do with love and family.

'About Time' emphasised exactly that. I laughed so much, I cried so much, and I left the cinema wanting to give my family the biggest hug in the world. It was a beautiful and compelling portrayal of life where you leave feeling like you immediately need to live each day to the fullest and learn what brings you happiness so that even if you were given a chance to go back and change things, you wouldn't have to. It was wonderful!

The film really made me appreciate my life and the people in it. People who have and will always be there on my good days as well as my bad, people who really make my life rich and fulfilled, people who are constantly helping me learn and constantly making me laugh, and the people who I would never, ever, be able to live without. 

I would never need to re-live my moments with any of these people because life has brought us here.. And here is great.

I think everyone I know should watch this film and fall in love with life as you know it all over again.

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