Apartment Envy

My very great friend Lana recently got her life in check.

She did a teaching course that lasted a year, got a job as a teacher within the year, and recently got a shiny new apartment to go with her shiny-new-life.

She is currently in the process of doing up her new flat and wanted some pictures of inspiration, and so pictures of inspiration I have found her.

Looking at all these beautiful apartment ideas made me so excited for Alex and I to eventually get our own place and decorate it together. When you live as a couple, I think you need to find a balance by using neutral colours and a minimalistic theme to balance out the boy/girl vibe.

However, when we do find a place of our own, obviously I'm going to add little details and trinkets to make the place feel more like home! I already know what they're going to be: pink tulips in beautiful vases, candles from Diptyque and Miller Harris, photo's on mantelpieces in art-deco frames, a chic coffee table piled high with interesting and arty 'coffee-table hard-back books', and black and white framed photography used as wall art. 

I love the idea of going for neutral colours but adding a splash of a bright colour in the form of a chair or rug. I also love the idea of using warm-brick walls indoors as it creates such a rustic feel to your home.

Lastly, I am most definitely going to invest in a vintage bar cart, (like this one), that epitomises old-glamour and lures all our friends to come over and get drunk with us.

Here are some pictures that are giving me serious apartment-envy:

(All Images from
If these pictures have taught me anything, it's that symmetry is key in making your apartment look gorgeous. Whatever is happening on the left of a couch or a bed should also be happening on the right too. 

I've also noted that cushions are important to dress up nice couches, bookshelves are important to add more character to your flat, and most of all, natural light from windows are super-duper important to let your home shine in all its glory!

When buying furniture for your new place, it's essential to see things in real life so you can measure up and envision it in your space. However, here are my favourite online furniture shops to use as inspiration: Melody MaisonLive Laugh Love, The Orchard, Graham and Green, and Joy for nice touches to complete your living space.

Can't wait to see how you incorporate some of these beautiful ideas into your new home Lani! xoxo

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