Style Queen

Nicole Richie is one of my most favourite dressed people on this planet.

She has this effortless way of throwing things together and making everything from clashing colours and mis-matched patterns, to oversized tops paired with harem pants look cool. 

I don't think men understand her look as I've found my boyfriend looking quite bewildered on the many occassions where I show him a new picture of her looking fabulous.. But what do boys know anyway?

If I was to describe her style in a couple of words, I would say she is edgy, fun, eccentric and bohemian. If I was to list some Nicole Richie essentials to complete an outfit, they would have to be: a hat (of course), sunglasses (ditto), a house-of-harlow headpiece, heels (because she's short like me and we need to fake what we can), tribal prints, billowey blouses, cut off denim, and structured pieces.

Here are some of my favourite looks of hers:
 (All images from

 Here's how you can get her look on the high-street:

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