Birthday Bonanza

My big sis, Payal AKA Paluls/Paluski/Chich, turned 27 on Friday last week.

Whilst 27 may not be such a special age, Payal is, and so off to Leeds we went. 

We were definitely ready for a bank holiday weekend filled with party and bullshit as we arrived armed with a box of Hummingbird Cupcakes (red velvet and black bottoms of course),  a Marks and Spencer's chocolate cake (because every birthday girl needs to blow out as many candles on as many cakes to make as many wishes as possible), bottles of Grey Goose and Moet pink champagne, and the biggest grins on our faces down to travelling first class once again.

Payal's birthday bonanza started when we got there, obviously, as we are the party. We did the birthday present parade; a Tiffany initial necklace with her birth date engraved on the back - my idea of course, headed to Pastille to be pampered with a spa manicure and pedicure, and then showed off our buffed and polished paws at Carluccio's for her birthday dinner.

I love Carluccio's mostly for their foccacia bread, gnocchi, and freshly made lemonade. Give them a try because I know good food and this is it! (but whatever you do, do not order the carbonara - go to Spaghetti House for that because no where in the world makes it better than them!).

After recharging ourselves with food, we got home to get our party heels on (me) and headed out to Norman's on Call Lane to get this party started. Norman's is super slick with that 'New-York sophisticated bar' feel so it's safe to say I loved it. Also, they do amazing cocktails with the White Russian and Mojito being some of the most delicious, refreshing, thirst-quenching, perfect drinks I've ever tasted.

Obviously we got tremendously drunk, started taking blurry pictures at dodgy angles, started talking whimsical bullshit, and embarrassed ourselves endlessly.. But those are always the nights you never forget.

At some point, one of us must have made a sober decision to leave and go to Chilli White because that is where we found ourselves next. This club was unusually dead and we practically had the whole space to ourselves which is never a bad thing so let's not complain!

Basically it was the best bloody birthday bonanza to have ever been celebrated. Here's to the next 27 years and MORE Paluski! xoxo

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