Betty's Tea Room - Harrogate

Leeds is famous for a few things like the world renowned music festival, the student night-life, and the new shopping centre, Trinity, branded the Westfield of Yorkshire.

But Leeds is also famous for being only a few stops away from Afternoon Tea at Betty's Tea Room in Harrogate.

I have always loved the term 'Afternoon Tea' because it sounds so quintessentially English. When I used to work at Starworks and eat lunch in Green Park, I would always overhear all the over excited tourists discuss their lovely afternoon tea experiences at The Ritz and how it fulfilled their touristy dreams of England.

Like all little girls, I would constantly have tea parties using my plastic teacup set, and would invite all my stuffed toys, (and Barbie and Ken of course), as guests. The grown up equivalent of Afternoon Tea is something I always knew would suit me delightfully, especially somewhere as prestigious as Betty's Tea Room.. 

So when Payal and Kirat said we couldn't leave Leeds without visiting the Harrogate branch, I was over the moon with excitement to take a slice (or two) out of Paradise!

(All images above from Kirat's Photography Blog)

Harrogate is the loveliest little town I have ever come across in England. It's small, quaint, picturesque and stunning. The people are very friendly - I know this because they smile at you on the streets which is unheard of in London! The town feels like an antique - long-standing and precious. Some of the roads are cobbled like in Covent Garden (which I love), the buildings are rustic and gorgeous, and the stores don't look out of place in such beautiful surroundings. It's the kind of location you'd want to move to when you retire and all you want to do is take strolls and play golf.

Similarly, Betty's Tea Room has the same feel as Harrogate. It's quaint, traditional and exactly how I imagined it would be: perfect. From the get go, you are greeted with lots of natural sunlight reflecting on the open-airy tea rooms, delicious aromas, and waiter's who give you exceptional service through out your visit. 

The afternoon tea is exactly how I dreamt it would be, quintessentially English. Betty's Tea Room constantly gets glowing reviews for being the best, longest running, and only dedicated tea-room in Yorkshire and now I know I can see why. It was a perfect experience!

The menu boasts a vast range of speciality teas, coffees, afternoon tea options, main meals, and cakes. We were in food heaven!

After much deliberation, we decided to order raspberry lemonades, two afternoon teas, two Swiss Alpine Macaroni's, and two portions of chips (just because it was on the menu and we're not that classy) to share between four people.

The food was exceptional. Out of the sandwiches, the egg mayo and salmon with cream cheese were the clear winners as the chicken sandwich was dry and nothing to write home about. The pastries and cakes were melt in your mouth gorgeous, the Swiss Alpine Macaroni was one of the best types of pasta I've ever eaten, and the chips were possibly made for the queen herself. 

Our bill worked out at less than £20 per person and we were all STUFFED. I mean I was so stuffed that I was wishing I could fit just another little cake in me but the results would be drastic had I tried. 

I was so full that even after we had finished, I couldn't concentrate properly when we went to have a look at their shop. I couldn't decide what to buy to take home with me which in hindsight I obviously regret! Please make sure you stock up on goodies when you go because you will definitely crave everything you ate a couple of hours after you leave.

It was all so delicious and so mind blowingly good that I want to go back to Betty's for the rest of my life and try every single thing off the menu because I know it'll live up to the expectations and will be as amazing as everyone says it is.  It is also an extremely reasonable and affordable price to pay for such a lovely experience so make sure you go, go, go! xoxo

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