Remedy for After-Interview Nerves

Yesterday morning, I had two back-to-back interviews at fashion PR companies.

To say I was a little tense is an understatement..

I've had so many interviews now that you would think I'm a pro interviewee, but I still get as nervous as someone fresh out of uni who is under false impressions of the real working world.  

At my uni, we had some career sessions where they helped us with our CV's and cover letters and also prepped us for interviews.. While this may have helped a little, nothing really prepares you until you go out there yourself and see what real interviews are like face-to-face.

Of course, most fashion PR interviewers ask the same question for which I am mostly prepared; 'What skills do you think are necessary for a career in fashion PR?,' 'Why do you want to be in fashion PR?', and my all time favourite, 'what can you bring to our company?'

I say all time favourite because it is the one where I can really push to sell myself. Whenever I get asked that question, I visualise Julia Roberts playing Erin Brokovich and I take on her persona (minus the bad clothing). I speak confidently, have faith in myself and sell sell sell. 

What I'm selling is myself like my life depends on it so it isn't that hard when you know what your positive attributes are, (although it may take some time and experience to work these out).

In hindsight, I always look back and think that I should have said this more of this, or less of that, but yesterday's interview is the first time I ever felt like I did and said enough.. and if I still don't get the job then so be it, it was never meant for me.

With that calm mindset, I took a walk around the city after my interviews and found myself in the cave of treasures that is Accessorize.  

Of course I left after purchasing some treasures for myself. You know what they say.. If you visualise, it will come. And so I visualised that I got the job and therefore had some money to spend, and so I did what I do best.. Shopped! xoxo

1) Kate Belted Fedora - £29. 2) Union Jack Notebook - £7. 3) Lion Door Knocker Long Pendant - £8. 4) Mini Elephant Pendant - £6. 5) Odette Cameo Weekender - £39. 6) Swallow Print Chiffon Scarf - 17

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