Happy Birthday Old Friend!

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Today is an old friend's birthday.

The kind of friendship I had with this person is the kind you experience only if you're very lucky. 

We did almost everything together from devising mischevious plans and forging ways to avoid getting in trouble, to sharing tubs of cookie dough from the same spoon, playing games like speed and chess uninterrupted for hours, picking out the peas from fried rice, walking around big cities, driving around smaller cities, forcing each other to watch films neither of us were interested in, making scenes from scary movies appear funny so that we weren't freaked out, sitting on swings, swimming in pools, racing time to get home before curfew, and telling each other every tiny little fact and detail about each other so that we were the only two people in the world who knew each other that well.

The most significant thing I remember about this friendship, however, is that we had that great thing you have only with special people in your life where you can sit in a comfortable silence in each other's presence without it being weird.

As most unfortunate friendship stories go, we both moved cities, made new friends, found new ways to entertain ourselves without each other, found less things in common to talk about, grew older, and inevitably drifted apart.

However, all my thoughts and memories of this person are so great because they are locked in from a time where we were so young, carefree, and great with each other.  Our relationship may have faded over time and we may not know who we are anymore in terms of who we've become, but when someone is so special to you at some point, they can never be forgotten.

So here's to you my old friend. I hope you get to see this one day, I hope you, like me, feel like there's no love lost between us, and I hope this new age brings you lots of love, luck, and an abundence of great new memories that make you look back and cherish these times.

Most of all, I really hope that you are so happy, (and also that your mum made you that orange cake she makes on your birthday that you love so much).

Happy Birthday!

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