Wireless Festival Fever 2013!

So far, 2013 has been a promising year. I had a rocky start at the beginning where I ran off to Lagos, pondered the meaning of life and put a deep emphasis on what I was meant to be doing/where I was meant to be going.. But then I got back to London and things slowly but surely got better and better.. 

Despite it being a great year so far, last Friday was hands down the best day of my entire life till date.

Yes, this is no exaggeration. It really, really, was undoubtedly the BEST day I have EVER experienced!

As mentioned quite a few times in previous posts, Wireless is the day I had underlined most in my diary because it is the one thing I had been looking forward to ALL year. It was the day where all my teenage fantasies of seeing Justin Timberlake in the flesh would finally be complete. It was also the day my more recent young-adult fantasies of seeing Frank Ocean, John Legend and Miguel (again) would be complete too. So finally, after months and months of waiting, Friday arrived and the party was in full festival swing!

We arrived at the venue in Stratford for 11am and though it was a mission to get there, it was very very very much worth it. Even at 11am, the ques were long and the crowd was heaving.. but this was no reflection to how crazy in numbers the crowd got throughout the rest of the day. The bigger the act, the later they played, and so the busier it got towards the end.

The festival was outdoors (of course), and was held in the Olympic Park Stadium this year. This was annoying as last year it was held in Hyde Park which is only a stones throw away from where I live, but Stratford required riding the packed tube for 30 minutes in 30 degrees heat..Ick.

By the time we got in and found an ideal spot which was far enough from the stage to avoid getting crushed but close enough to see everyone clearly, we got our giddy asses comfortable and cracked open the alcohol as we were going to be there for another 12-13 hours and needed to keep our excitement levels on point!

The first act on stage was Conor Maynard. I don’t know how the hell he got main stage but Frank Ocean didn’t?! Anyway, Conor was good for a first act and did what he could to get the crowd going. It wasn’t that busy yet but we were all in exceptional moods with such an extreme case of over-excitement for the arrival of the major acts buzzing through our veins and blood streams.

The second act was Wretch 32 and when he sang, ‘Don’t Go,’ there was a definite thrill in the air as everyone went crazy. Everyone was SO happy and SO excited that the vibe kept bouncing off and rubbing off on each other. In the process, we made friends with a bunch of people, danced around, and ate lots of ice-cream.

By this point, it is safe to assume that I was tipsy (or drunk). So when Kesha came on stage, I of course behaved like her number one fan and screamed a lot of 'LOVE YOU KESHA!!!' to a dead-pan silent crowd. I am not actually a lunatic but everyone was so quiet during Kesha's performance so I felt like she needed a little confidence boost. 

She is pretty crazy and if we are talking about lunatics then she definitely wins the prize and did not need my constant cheering, but there I was like the lone ranger I am screaming from the top of my lungs. It definitely did not catch on. Her mum came on stage dressed in some weird fancy dress which was a little strange but they seemed to be having the time of their lives so good for them!

I should have saved my voice though because next on was Miguel. I saw Miguel earlier this year and he was such a great performer. A lot of people say he's trying to be the new prince because of his hair, shades and the way he dresses.. But I think he's fabu. He wasn't as good at Wireless as he was on his own tour, but he was still amazing. He didn't do any of his faster, dancier songs which kind of sucked as we were all raring to rave at this point! But he did sing 'Adorn You' which is mine and Alex's 'song' so that was pretty nice to dance to while he was singing it live.

Next was John Legend who was AMAZING. Everyone knew all the words to his songs and I kept thinking how he'd be such a good person to have as a wedding singer - yup, definitely drunk at this point to even consider that John would casually pay my wedding a visit. 

I have always wanted to see him live so it was definitely awesome that he was there giving us SUCH a good performance. My most favourite songs that he performed were 'Tonight,' and 'Ordinary People,' and yes, I did cry a little when he sang 'Save Room' because I was a drunk emotional wreck!

After John Legend was Trey Songz. I am not the biggest Trey fan so we stayed for a song or two and then made our way to the grass to chill out a bit as the crowd was getting a little too mental, especially after Trey took his top off!

Snoop Dog (or Lion.. Whatever he goes by now) was on after Trey. Unfortunately Frank Ocean was on at the same time, and Frank is someone I have been dying to see live for so so so long, so some of our group stayed to hold the fort and watch Snoop, while the rest of us ran off to the other stage which was miles away to see Frank. Here are some pics of Snoop anyway, apparently he was too much of a legend and though seeing Frank was a dream, I wish I got to see Snoop Dog too! You let me down by splitting them on two different stages Wireless!

NOW.. FRANK. ISHDFOWIHFOEHFEO argh!!! I have no words to describe this as it deserves to be described! Frank was so sensational that I cried some more. When he sang 'Lost' and 'Thinking About You' I literally died. It was such a beautiful crowd of people who had also run from the main stage to the pepsi-max stage to see him so if you were there, you were definitely a big fan. Every single person in the crowd sang every song word-for-word and the echo's were booming through the park and ringing through my ears. It was definitely an out-of-body-surreal moment which I will never, ever, ever forget.

After watching Frank with thousands of people, I thought nothing could compare to the elation I felt. However, I was very, very wrong because the headlining and finale act was Justin Timberlake. 

There are very little ways to describe how fricking sensational Justin is on stage. My teenage self was not disappointed, and the years and years I had waited to see him live were all so worth it. He sang, danced, laughed, told us he was a little drunk, and gave us a performance that the 50,000 of us will never forget. He was everything I thought he would be and if perfect was a person, Justin would be it!  Especially because towards the end of his act, he sang 'Suit and Tie' AND JAY-Z HIMSELF CAME ON STAGE TOO. This was so unexpected but made my life so complete!

I literally could not have imagined a better line-up this year if I tried and when Jay-Z came on, everyone went CRAZY. So crazy I only got one picture, but at least it will be in my memory forever!

The best part of Justin's performance was when he sang Mirrors and they zoomed in on Jessica Biel's face, (she was sitting in the crowd). She looked so proud of her husband and it was so nice to be in the realm of such strong and powerful love!

Before we knew it, it was 11pm, the sun had set, the park was trashed, and the festival was over. I spent the day with all my friends and family and it was a mix of drunken fun and emotional nostalgia. By the end of the night, they threw lantern lit beach balls into the crowd and we caught one - It was quite literally the most perfect ending to the most perfect day spent with the most perfect people. 

It was like being in a little bubble of our own for the entire day and it felt like a dream. We drank, laughed, cried, danced, sang, raved, lost our voices, couldn't feel our feet, took hours to get home, but we were definitely part of something special that night.

I am so happy I got to see whoever I did because they were all brilliant live. I will never, ever, ever forget it and I'm already counting down the days till next year!

The after-effects of a good all day rave!

Until next time Wireless! xoxo

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