Glossybox Girlieness

More than a year ago, my beauty obsessed sister told me about a new concept to hit the beauty world called 'Glossybox.' It's a service where you pay £10 a month (plus a little extra for delivery), and you recieve a box filled with 5 travel size (and sometimes full size) beauty products.

You never know what you will recieve so it's a little surprise treat waiting for you by the time you get home from work/school. What sounds better than a little present waiting for you every month for just £10 a month?!

I love Glossybox. I love learning about new brands and new products, I love the way they change the boxes depending on season/month, I love that they wrap everything up so beautifully, I love how informative the leaflets they include are, and I love feeling special once a month, every month, for such a little amount of money.

What I love most about Glossybox is that they don't skimp out on the products. Yes, once in a while they'll send you a perfume sample that you could get at your local perfume store yourself, but everything else they include is always something you learn to love and wear regularly. 

They have introduced me to a lot of new brands, one of which is Ritual who do an amazing 'whipped body cream' that smells like heaven in a little bottle. A lot of the products they have included in my boxes over the past year have been items that I've then paid full price for a full size version because of how good they've been.

Also, another thing I love about Glossybox is that when you subscribe, you need to fill in a questionnaire about your preferences and skin type. Based on this, they send you appropriate treats every month to suit you based on your preferences, so sometimes your box will be different to others, but it will be something that is catered purely for you.

If you still need some convincing then let me talk you through this month's Glossybox so you can see what all the fuss is about:

This is the outside of the box as it gets delivered to you. Cute, no?

And this is the actual, pretty-as-hell box that's waiting inside for you and that changes depending on season/month. This month was seaside themed as we're now in high-summer season. 

How nice are these boxes?! You can use them as little giftboxes once you've unpacked your goodies so they definitely come in handy and have more uses than one.

This is the inside of the box. It was beautifully wrapped but my impatience means that I ripped through it before taking pictures unfortunately!

They include a leaflet with the latest Glossybox news in every box, as well as information and instructions on how to use each product included. These are super informative and helpful so make sure you read through them properly before using your treats.

And lastly, this is what was included in my box this month:

I am so excited that they included a face mist in this month's box because the weather has been so so hot lately (not that I'm complaining), and I definitely need something to cool down my face after too much time in the sun! I also love the colour of the Ciate nail polish, called Glossip. It's so appropriate for summer and I love tanned skin and bright colours so this works perfectly for me. 

As you can see, everything they've given me is a great size and definitely use-able again and again.

Subscribe now and treat your girlie side to some glamour too! xoxo

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