Daddy's Princess

Today is my dad's birthday. His hair is very Richard Gere, salt 'n' pepper, black but mostly grey, but his face is as youthful as ever. He acts like the professional business man that he is when he has to, but within our family and his close group of friends, he is the joker, the dancer, the funny guy, the legend.

My dad is my very first love and the greatest man on earth. He is legit a hero and has made his way through life and made a great name for himself all on his own even though he 'started from the bottom' as Drake would say. He taught me how to be respectable, kind, eat well, have great manners, be witty, generous and all my other positive attributes. The only negative thing I ever took from him was inheriting his nose but make-up and contouring can fix that little problemo.

Mr.Chainani gives a lot, but asks for nothing back. He listens when you speak and gives great advice. He is mine and my sister's biggest fans and has been rooting for us to do whatever we were passionate about from the youngest of ages, whether it was being a chef, a fashion designer, an accountant, a teacher, an astronaut... He always tells us to work hard and always says that in the end, it's the effort that counts, not the result.

He has been through struggle but has always come out on top. He is basically the biggest living legend ever and I am very lucky to know him.

Love you so much my darling daddy, hope we have another 100 years, (give or take), of birthday's to celebrate together! No man can or will ever take your place! xoxo

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