Suave Summer Savings

I've done something really very naughty...

But you must believe me, it really wasn't my fault! This is simply what happened. I recieved too many emails from ASOS teasing me with their summer sale, (damn you ASOS!), so obviously I logged on just to have a quick look and after about 7 hours of browsing, I put some stuff into my online basket just as a hypothetical situation in case I really felt like I couldn't live without these items.

The next thing I know, my hands have taken over my mental state and seem to have a mind of their own because somehow my credit card information has been typed into the check out page and BAM! I've spent £182 before I know it!

In my defence, £182 is actually a very very good price to pay considering I bought 15 bloody items!

Basically, I have no money and I'm still a mere fashion intern which essentially means I am unemployed.. But now that summer has finally descended upon us, I wanted to buy some quick-fix essential basics to update my wardrobe regardless.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the bad-boys I have ended up with:

I love a good, versatile  dress and this dress ticks all the boxes. It's a mini dress so I like that it has long sleeves to compensate, and the back is 1) super cute + super sexy, and 2) stands out from the crowd. And it's only £6.50 - HELLO!? I'm going to wear it with some statement necklaces to break down the colour a bit and jazz it up.

I wanted to buy a dress that is work appropriate but can be dressed up for play too and I loved this dress which was also a bargain at £18! It's prim and proper, just like me! (har har har).

I definitely needed some new skirts and I thought this one was sweet, (and the price of £9.50 had me pretty sold too).

 Now, I know that some of you think I may already have too many shoes.. Here is probably a reason why you may think that..

But I think shoes are the easiest and most amazing things to buy. They always fit, you can find a pair to go with everything, they make or break an outfit, and they make up the basis of my favourite disney movie, Cinderella! So having said that, I can't ever shop without buying a pair of shoes and here is my latest:
I wanted a pair that were sturdy but cute, and definitely in nude so that they'd go with most things. I also wanted them to be peep toes because I love a good pedicure and forever want my toes on show! I essentially just wanted a pair to wear everyday without feeling like my poor feet were going to die and I think this pair wins at £16.50!

I'm going through a bit of a crop-top phase, as you can see here:


 and here:

So naturally I had to buy this summery little number. I am shopping for key pieces for summer remember?! Keep up folks! 

I love that it's only £9.50 and can brighten up any outfit, and can also look festival chic when paired with a pair of frayed denim shorts. It just had to be mine!

Now, there is the very simple matter of, 'how many breton tops can one own?' and the answer will always be 'infinity.' I love breton tops, they're so chic and Parisienne and who doesn't want to be associated with Paris? This one looked so cute so I simply could not resist for £13.50.

Obviously if you're going breton, you need a nice pair of denim jeans to work alongside so I chose these because they look 'worn in' and messy. I love the acid wash and don't currently own a pair in this colour so that's my excuse. Buy them too for £17 only!

Next up, I saw this picture of Kourtney Kardashian yesterday and loved loved loved her jumper.

So I bought this to replicate her very chilled and tres sophisticated look for just a tenner!

Lastly, to end my shop of summer basic essentials, I had to obviously buy a summery dress and I chose this one:

I think it'll make my tan stand out nicely, and I love the demure print. It was only £15 as well which made the decision to buy quite easy!

My order arrives tomorrow morning so I'm sure I'll leap out of the bed for the delivery, try everything on, take lots of pictures and post them on here like any normal girl. 

Fingers crossed that I don't need to return any of it! xoxo

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