Several Different Versions of Paradise: Part 4

Correlejo x2

We have reached the end of our week on paradise island! Alessandro and I wanted to keep our options open about where to stay on our last night but as we liked Correlejo so much, we decided to go back and stay in a different hotel just to keep things interesting. Also, as much as I would have loved to stay in the Gran Atlantis Bahia Real again, we were now working with a constricted limit of money. Living as celebrities for the week, though extremely fancy and fun, blew a little hole to our budget!

This time we booked Barcelo Bay Correlejo and paid £89.99 in total for a room with halfboard for two people (breakfast and dinner). We made the now familiar journey back to Correlejo and it was just as blissful scenery as the first time. We reached the hotel at 11am and were worried that we might be too early for check-in but there were no problems at all. In fact, while we were checking in, the staff casually told us that they'd upgraded us to the suite! 

I'm not sure why they did this.. Maybe they thought Alex and I were on our honeymoon or maybe because it was just one night, but regardless, you can imagine the big smiles on our faces upon hearing this! It was definitely appropriate to end our week on such a high and it fell into our celeb-lifestyle week quite nicely without us even intending it to!

The suite was awesome. When Alex and I get our own place, I want to decorate it very similar to this room! It was modern, comfortable, slick and sexy. 

Don't believe me? Here, see for yourself!

The bathroom was another 2-sink wonder. You know how that thrills me!

We also had a lovely view of the pool and the VIP cabana's from our room which looked like a dream!

This time, we wanted to take a walk to the sand dunes in Correlejo just to tick it off our sight-seeing traveller list and what a walk it was!

The walk from the sand dunes to the sea took somewhere between 20-30 minutes. We forgot to bring water with us so at certain points I definitely felt like my life was over due to the heat and the never ending mountains of sand, but something we discovered in the midst of these sand dunes gave us the energy to run like hell.  

As we were walking closer to the sea and could see it in good distance, we suddenly found a naked man chilling on his own. When I say naked, I mean NAKED. Now I know in Europe, seeing topless women tanning is very, very common but I can definitely say that this was the first time I had ever seen a fully nude man wandering around the beach. So naturally we called him a few strange names under our breath and quickened our pace to get to the sea, and I'm not sure if it's because we took a different route to get to the beach than the last time we were at Correlejo, but somehow we found ourselves on a nudist beach! So now it wasn't the naked man that looked crazy, it was us because we were fully dressed! 

I literally couldn't even believe what I was seeing because not only were these naturists naked, some of them were running, skipping and jogging! Why I ask you?! Why is it necessary for any phsyicaly activity when you're in the nude people>! Things that need to stay in place end up moving and it doesn't make for a very attractive sight! 

I could feel my breakfast coming up and it was a mix of nausea from so many nude bodies that were not in shape all in one place, combined with the dessert walk with no liquids. 

I'm all for the confidence these people had to be strutting their stuff naked but it definitely was not a sight for sore eyes so we literally sprinted right out of there to get to the 'normal' side of the beach. 

When I say sprinted, I mean I looked to my right expecting to see Alex and instead I saw the blur of him running forward as fast as he could! Naturally I didn't want to be left behind in the cult of the nudes so I legged it behind him and somehow we managed not to die before reaching the normal side of the beach!

Unfortunately it had rained during the night so the sea was super duper wavy and not the serene, still, calm and stunning sea we remembered from our first time round. The red flags were up meaning people couldn't go too far in to swim, but I still thought it looked very pretty!

We went in to play in the waves quite a few times but after being trashed around, thrown about, and nearly losing an arm, leg, tooth, and my entire bikini, we called it a day and headed for the poolside at our hotel.

We did a few laps to try and compensate for how much we had been eating on this holiday, (by that I mean we did about 5 laps each - we were still on holiday afterall!). Naturally we got tired too quickly and headed to the spa to use the jacuzzi. On a little side note, I loved their spa - it was so exotic looking and definitely made you feel like you were most definitely on holiday!

After that, we threw our glad rags off, glammed up and headed out to eat dinner at the hotel. I'm always hesitant about eating in hotels because sometimes I feel like when you cook for a buffet, the food loses it's natural quality. But this restaurant was AMAZING. They had cuts of meat and fish ready to cook straight in front of you should you want it. They had paella which was close competition to being the best we had had while being in the Canary Islands, they had pasta with several sauces, salads, canneloni, bread, cold meats, and lots more options. They variety was great and the food was cooked to such a great standard considering how much of it there was.

The best part of the entire menu though had to be the desserts. They had options of everything I would normally order off a dessert menu like ice cream, cakes, cheesecake, and even a chocolate fountain with marshmellows to dip in! It was heaven, heaven, heaven!

After dinner, we went for a little walk to explore the hotel a little further and loved what we saw. Barcelo Bay has a really nice botantical vibe about it. There's green everywhere and lots of little cabanas and veranda's which are so pretty.

Lastly, we came home, roamed around in our hotel bathrobes just for the heck of it, packed the last of our holiday stuff into our little suitcases, and had an early night's sleep for our flight back home to London the next morning.

But of course we couldn't leave without sampling the hotel's breakfast where I found churros and chocolate sauce being served. Let's just say I was a VERY happy girl to have  made such a discovery. 

We kissed little Herby farewell and thanked him for getting us to so many beautiful places in Fuerteventura, and sat on our flight back home for 4 hours and 10 minutes before we touched down in London town.

Fuerteventura really was paradise island. It was not as busy as some of the other islands get during the summer in Europe so you still had lots of peace and quiet combined with lots of things to do. I would reccommend all the hotels we stayed in, but especially Barcelo Bay Correlejo in terms of being the most value for money.

They do offer a few excursions on the island such as a submarine trip and a visit to an aqua park so you have a few options there too if you are not the type to stay still and enjoy the moment.

I am already planning a trip back to Correlejo in September or October as our lovely taxi driver told us that those are the months in Fuerteventura where there is no wind and the weather is at its best.. Wind is a big thing on the island - there is LOTS of it! Make sure you pack some cardigans to wear during the evenings because that is when it gets the windiest. 

Until next time! xoxo

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