Several Different Versions of Paradise: Part 3

Morro Jable

After our impeccable stay at Bahia Real, we grudgingly packed our suitcases and tossed them in little Herby for the next leg of our journey, Riu Palace Jandia in Morro Jable. I say grudgingly because once you experience heaven on earth, would you ever want to go back to the dark side? Yeh, thought so!

After indulging ourselves in utter luxury and sleeping on a bed that felt like clouds, we thought it would be difficult to find anything else to compare, but we did end up finding quite a good match!

The Journey to Morro Jable took 1.5 hours in the car, but it is definitely worth doing if you are in Fuerteventura. Jandia is worth seeing for the beach alone but there are also some lovely and quaint little restaurants to definitely stop by when you visit, (the foodie in me comes out again of course!)

We stayed in the Riu Palace Jandia which was a beach front hotel with the most amazing and breathtaking views I have ever seen from a hotel balcony. You can tell we got carried away with the amount of pictures we took from the same spot!

 The hotel room looked more like a junior suite than your average room. It was very spacious and had a joint living room area which broke the room down quite nicely.

Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the bathroom or wardrobes but they were my favourite parts of the room! The wardrobe had tons of space in it and the bathroom had the biggest bath/shower the size of a large jacuzzi! I really wanted to buy some bubbles and have a bubble bath but regrettably didn't have enough time to make this happen! 

Instead, what I obviously did have time for was a picture with this little dude. Couldn't leave the hotel without taking pictures with the props!

Here are some pictures of the rest of the hotel. I loved the interior of the hotel even though it was quite small.

The hotel had a private glass lift with great views leading directly to the beautiful beach which was delightful!

The poolside had a jacuzzi which faced the beach and was really fancaaaay but extremely cold! The pool was nothing special but the sun-beds were super comfortable hence the big smile on my face! Again, the best thing about the poolside was the epic view of the beautiful beach. The view and location of this hotel definitely made it a winner!

The beach was lovely but super busy. Regardless, we did go in quite a few times to get ambushed by the sea. The water was so clear that I saw millions of little fishes again which was a little freaky until you get into the rhythm of things and feel at one with nature!

In the evening, we took a stroll through the promenade and found a very busy strip bursting with souvenir shops, restaurants, gelato shops and arcades. It was a lovely walk and we found many glittering restaurants with delicious smells wafting through, but we eventually chose a little italian joint called Las Ilas. The glittering tea lights really called out to me and it was really busy with locals so we trusted it to be a good choice and we were not wrong! We ordered breaded mushrooms, mussels in garlic, and of course the paella.. It was all unbelievable!

The next morning, we headed to breakfast in the hotel which was also absolutely delicious! They had an impressive selection of every kind of breakfast food available and as breakfast is my most favourite meal, this was very pleasant for me! 

Between us, we had the usual continental breakfast of croissants, eggs, bacon, pancakes, french toast, fruit, etc. I kind of wish that we didn't find such good food on this holiday because I have put on almost 2 kilos in one week due to this indulgence but I don't even feel that bad because every single bite was worth it!

After indulging in a breakfast fit for kings, (or soldiers in this case), we mustered up enough energy to quickly pack our bags yet again and strap ourselves back into Herby for the final leg of our adventure.

We wanted a big finale for the end of our holiday so we drove back to Correlejo for our last night but stayed at Barcelo Bay Correlejo this time. More on that tomorrow! xoxo

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