Several Different Versions of Paradise: Part 2


Correlejo is the most picturesque part of Fuerteventura, if not the whole of Europe! After three nights in our little bungalow in Caleta de Fuste, Alessandro and I decided we'd seen what we had to, made the most of the little town, ate enough for a lifetime, and were ready to move on..fast

Since holiday's only occur a few times a year, we, by that I mean mostly I, decided that we should go all out for the remainder of our trip.. So naturally I talked him into doing what I do best, spending money! This is how I know that I am definitely my mother's daughter.

We threw our stuff into our suitcases, said our goodbye's to our lovely but little bungalow, strapped ourselves into little herby (our rented car), and ran for the hills, literally. 

Correlejo is best known for its sand dunes, which are mountains and mountains of sand, and this made for the most beautiful drive into this part of town. It took us somewhere between 30-40 minutes to get to Correlejo, albeit we did take a few wrong turns. 

We were still getting used to driving on the right side of cliff type roads with only a little barrier seperating us from the sea. Of course Alex didn't trust me to drive on such roads as he thinks my driving is questionable enough in a cosmopolitan city like London, (it really isn't), so instead I was in charge of sat-nav. After relaying the wrong information to him quite a few times, we eventually reached our destination in one piece.

Keeping with our, (my), theme of going all out and living like royalty, we booked into the best 5* hotel in Correlejo, Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahia Real. This hotel is also rated number 1 in the whole of Fuerteventura and after spending some time there, I can definitely see why.

The Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahia Real is amazing. It's big, but not too big. It's beautiful, it's tranquil, it's immaculate, and the staff are SO nice. We asked for a late check-out on the day we were leaving and they did such a good job remembering our request that they approached us at breakfast the next day, (so they obviously remembered who we were), to tell us that of course we could stay in our room for as long as we wanted with no extra charge. On arrival, they also left us a gift and a welcome note which I thought were really nice touches.

The hotel has many restaurants, a beautiful indoor spa, an amazing outdoor pool with veranda's and the most comfortable sun-beds, and the lovliest/cosiest rooms ever.. There really is no need to ever leave this hotel! Infact the hotel spa is so great that it was hard to convince Alex to leave and help me pack! We've already researched spa's to go to in London since being back but as he has now decided to be some kind of spa connoisseur, he has found faults in all of them in comparison to the Bahia Real's spa!

Being a Chainani, I'm a big big big foodie so this is something I was really looking forward to in regards to this hotel and I was most definitely not disappointed. The breakfast at the hotel was unbelievably good. The choice was endless and we literally ate until we felt like we were going to combust. Really we should be embarrassed, but we were in too much of a blissful food coma to care! They even offer you newspaper's in several different languages to read while you eat so they definitely cater for all.

Between us, we had fresh croissants, eggs, bacon, sausages, cheese, pancakes, pain au chocolats, fresh juices, fruit, etc. I also had my usual treat of a banana dipped in peanut butter and nutella and was like an over excited fat kid when I discovered that they served this in their buffet! 

More importantly, they even had a number of bottles of champagne open to help yourself too which was pretty fab! However, as I am a super light weight and would probably embarrass us further had I had a few breakfast alcoholic beverages, we decided to give that one a miss.

We ordered room service for dinner and that too was exceptional. The food was cooked to a pristine standard and they even brought up little bread rolls with butter for us as a starter which again was such a lovely touch. We ordered the fillet of beef which was cooked perfectly, spaghetti carbonara, and a selection of desserts. The presentation of the food was definitely 5* standard and could not be faulted.

Correlejo beach is a short drive away from the hotel and that too was paradise. The sand was white and untouched, and the waters were warm enough to swim in and crystal clear. The beach goes on for endless kilometers of just pure sand and sea, and it is seriously breath taking. If that was our view every morning, I would live the rest of my life a very happy girl!

Correlejo is definitely my most favourite part of Europe and I will go back at any chance, every single year! The Bahia Real is exceptional but can get quite expensive at £170 on average per night. There are other beautiful hotels in the area, (we even returned back for our last night and stayed in Barcelo Bay but more on that later), so if your budget is less then you still have a good few options to suit you. 

I would reccommend Correlejo to anyone looking for a peaceful and relaxing retreat where you will get treated like kings and queens for the duration of your stay. Until next time you beautiful island xoxo

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