Several Different Versions of Paradise: Part 1

Guys.. I have a little secret to let you in on...

I have found Paradise...

Paradise as in pristine white sand, turquoise water so clear you can literally see every single fish, a number of beach bar's to top up your delicious cocktails, endless amounts of water-sports to get your adrenaline going, mouth-watering food worth putting on the kilos for, amazing sand dunes to climb, beautiful cliff-top roads overlooking the never-ending sea, and hotel's so luxurious you'll never, ever, want to come home.

I have found Fuerteventura!

As mentioned in my below post, I am quite the connoisseur when it comes to travelling. I like to do a lengthy bit of research before going anywhere to know what to expect and what to look forward to seeing. I can definitely say that despite all the research I did beforehand and despite all the gorgeous photographs that currently exist on the internet of Fuerteventura, nothing could have prepared me for how beautiful this island really is to see in person.

We wanted to see the three best beaches in Fuerteventura while we were there so we initally booked ourselves into three different hotels on different parts of the island and rented a car, (which I aptly namped little herby), to set off on our adventure. As I have a lot to say about each part we went to, it's probably best to do an individual post on all of them. So here is Paradise Number 1:

Caleta De Fuste:

Caleta de Fuste is a 15 minute drive away from Fuerteventura airport and it's right by the sea. As our flight was landing, we were literally flying on top of the sea and then we were side-flying straight into the sea (or so it seemed from the angle we were at up top)! 

What actually happened was that we landed on the runway, (which explains how I am here writing this now), which was a 2 minute walk away from the sea.. It was quite an incredible thing to see from up above because you literally feel like you're about to land in the middle of the ocean and it's quite exciting!

When we got to Caleta de Fuste, the first thing I noticed was that it was predominantly English in terms of the people. This is something that bothers me when I'm on holiday because it feels so familiar whereas I love holiday's that feel new and exciting! Caleta de Fuste had endless amounts of restaurants offering English breakfasts for 3 euros, and endless amounts of sports bar's and Irish pubs offering Sunday roasts for about 7-10 euros. I fail to understand why people would want food they get in England when they're on holiday.. Surely holiday's are about discovering new things and eating the culturally appropriate food of the country you're in?! No? Ok maybe it's just me then!

Anyhow, If you're the kind of person who loves going somewhere that feels like home away from home then Caleta de Fuste would be an ideal spot for you. It's definitely a lot busier than the other parts of Fuerteventura as there seemed to be a lot more pubs/bars/clubs.. This works out well if you're with your mates on a drinking holiday.. 

However, as we were on neither of these types of holiday's.. It wasn't really ideal for us. All we really wanted was to find a beautiful beach to swim in, an amazing hotel to sleep in, and fabulous food to put on a hefty amount of weight with.  

We did end up finding a beautiful beach but it was SO cold that I thought I was going to get hypothermia just by putting my toes in it to test the waters! And when my boyfriend did eventually get ballsy enough to dive in for a swim, he saw the biggest fish EVER. Big fish always freak me out so it definitely put me off going in which is a shame as I love swimming in the sea! But anyhow, at least it was lovely to look at!

Another thing to note about this beach was that it was very very empty! I don't know if that's because we were there at what is considered an off-peak season, or because no one really goes to the beach on a Saturday morning.. But it does feel very serene, peaceful, and like you are a little adventurous lone ranger.. Which is always nice (in doses).

Anyway, there was also another beach by the 5* Sheraton hotel. I'm not sure if this beach was man-made but it was A LOT more fun to swim in. It was wavy and super clear/clean, but just not as pretty as the inital beach of Caleta de Fuste. There is no pleasing me it seems! 

Having said that, the sand was golden and super squidgy - it was the best feeling to walk through it which is a weird thing to notice I know, but you have to walk in it to know why it felt so good! It was like walking in extra gooey dessert, who wouldn't want to try that?!

The camels on the beach and the lovely beach bar made for interesting little escapes from the usual sun-tanning and sea swimming type of beach day. I would kill for one of their very refreshing White Russian cocktails right now!

We stayed at the Cay Beach Villas while we were in Caleta. We booked it on a package deal where it somehow worked out cheaper than booking just the flight alone so we thought we'd just use it as our base to stay as we were not going to be in Caleta for very long. I knew we were hardly ever going to be home so it didn't matter if it was super cheap, and super cheap it was! I would only reccomend these bungalows if you are on a very tight budget, but it wasn't really what we wanted from somewhere to sleep at night. 

I won't go much into detail as there is really not much to say, but you can research it on tripadvisor should you want to learn more about it. On a side note, even though it is very cheap to stay here, the pro's are that you are super centrally located to everything in town and the maid service does happen often. I don't actually have any complaints about it at all but it just wasn't the kind of holiday we were after.

I didn't really take any pictures of the bungalow; partly because there was really not much to see, and partly because it was so basic.. But here are a few from the outside which was always nice, sunny, and over-filled with beautiful palm trees:

The food in Caleta de Fuste was very, very good but you just have to know where to go. We ate at a Spanish tapas restaurant called La Taberna Del Captain one night and the food was amazing. It was all very authentic and they gave us the best bottle of local Spanish wine that I have ever had for only 8 euros!

We also ate at O Sole Mio where I have never recieved such amazing customer service. The waiter waited on us hand and foot and even got us up dancing by the end of our meal. He was so good at making things sound delicious that I felt obliged to order the shoulder of lamb after he described how succulent and tender it was even though this is something I have never ordered anywhere in my life before! I'm glad I did though as it really was too good to be true.

Our last meal was at a Spanish restaurant called Gambrinus that we randomly came across, and thank God we did because it turned out to have the best Paella in the world! 

Here you can see why I would only ever return to Caleta de Fuste for the food and drink alone:

When I return to Fuerteventura again, (and I will), I will definitely rent a car because it's quite necessary in order to see all the beautiful parts of the island. However, I would only drive back to Caleta de Fuste for the amazing restaurants as there are a lot more nicer places to see and live on this island.

Part Two, Correlejo, will be up later. Peace and love! xoxo

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