Good Times Never End if There is Something to Remind You of Them!

I love this advert so much!

It really really really makes me want an Estrella beer on the beach so badly - they definitely did their job very well! It also makes me so fricking excited for all my summer vacay's this year. 

I think summer is universally known for being a time where people get happier and so much more chilled because the sun shines longer and the weather gets sweeter. When you live somewhere like the big smoke, us Londoner's really learn to appreciate even the tiniest amount of warm weather because we hardly ever get to see sunlight! I also think summer holiday's, though brief, are that little glimpse into a perfect life because they guarantee the perfect time. They keep you going for the rest of the year because of those amazing memories you build. 

Going on vacay even for a few days or a few months really does a world of good for everyone. It gives you time to reflect, time to rest, and of course time to play hard too! I'm fortunate enough to live in Europe and take flights/trains to amazing destinations that are only a few hours away.. I'm also lucky enough to have a boyfriend and many friends who are always up for visiting new places. 

As you can tell by the tone of this post, I most definitely am a holiday-enthusiast and definitely VERY pro-summer, (I mean, I really don't know if we could be friends if you ever told me you didn't like travelling!). I'm a little obsessed with going to new places to soak up cultures, experiences and adventures, and of course build sand castles on the beach and swim in the sea with my fellow fishes.. 

When I say 'little' obsessed I mean so much so that my parents really believe I should open up a travel agency of my own! But I think that would take the fun away a little.. Anyway, most of my favourite memories are from holiday's so I hope to keep taking as many as I can as I get older and richer.. (fingers crossed!)

Here are some of my favourite holiday memories from the past few years ranging from Spain, America, Croatia, Tunisia, France, and Africa.

Here's to 2013.. Fuerteventura and Croatia - Can't wait to see what you have in store for us! I hope wherever you guys go, you make amazing memories too! xxxxx

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