A Fancy Farewell

This week was my very last week at Starworks PR (sniff sniff), and what a week it was! It has been a blur of late nights, lots of dessert and a beautiful Jonathan Saunders show to end my time at the best fashion PR agency in London!

I will definitely miss Starworks because I made some amazing friends there and worked with some beautiful brands.. (if you know me, you'll know about my obsession with Kate Spade New York which coincidently turned out to be one of the clients I helped to look after!). I will, however, not miss the morning commute where I would suffocate on the tube and sometime's force myself to look pregnant so someone would give me a seat! 

I really enjoyed the PR position at Starworks even though it was A LOT of work and A LOT of long hours but to be honest, what isn't!? I got to meet a lot of my favourite designers (Nicholas Kirkwood, Jonathan Saunders).. and really got a feel for how busy and intense the background work is in fashion PR.

Even though I felt like I was pretty set on knowledge front, I did end up learning a lot more in this internship. It's definitely good to start these things with an open mind and be up for the challenge because the skills you pick up in the long run will definitely pave the way for your long-term career. I also think it's good to be as helpful and chatty as possible to make people remember you when you need them to!

Anyway, Starworks definitely wins the prize for best showroom. Here are some reasons why:

Starworks was one of the PR agencies involved with alot of the London Collections: Men's, and today I got to work at the Jonathan Saunders SS14 presentation. I was working front-of-house and it was pretty intense, (to say the least), to deal with a crowd of angry fashionista's who had no intention of waiting until we were ready for the presentation to begin. 

The fact that they were also getting rained on definitely didn't help lighten their moods (thanks for that, London). Of course we had a few blaggers trying to get in with no invite or connections which was a little awkward, but all in all it went pretty well. The highlight for the day (or even for my life) was seeing David Gandy in the flesh. He really is the most delicious looking man I have ever seen.. EVER. 

This was his Reiss suit from today. Ah, I'm still swooning!

ANYWAY, here are also some pictures of backstage in action:

It was a fab way to end my 8 weeks at Starworks.. The environment of today was so busy and exciting that it was almost as addictive as fashion week shows. It has definitely confirmed that I do 100% want to work in the fashion industry and can't really see myself doing anything else that makes me as happy.. Even if it means having to do a 1000 more internships (hopefully not though!). 

I'm so in my comfort zone in this industry and I think the more I persevere, the closer my dream job will get. In the words of many singers and rappers, Don't stop.. Don't ever give up!

Hope you've all had a fabulous week too! xoxo

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