A Very Exotic Affair

This weekend, Alessandro and I went on our very first double date in the five years we have been together! I know, it sounds shocking to me too! I guess we don't have a lot of friends who are in long term relationships so we tend to usually do things as a group. 

Anyway, my lovely friend Sonam got engaged to her just-as-lovely fiance Girish a couple of months ago, so Alex and I took them out for dinner and drinks to celebrate.

We started off at The Rum Kitchen for deathly but delicious cocktails. We thought this would be appropriate as they got engaged in Barbados so we wanted to bring back vibes from the Caribbean for them. I think we were quite successful in feeling like we had taken a plane right out of London for the evening. I drank too many of the delicious rattle-snake punch's and forgot about my camera, so here are some pictures I found on The Londoner's blog to capture the feel of the place for you lovely people.

After trying almost every cocktail from the menu, we merrily skipped across the road, (this may be a little bit of an exaggeration), to have dinner at the very snazzy pan-asian restaurant, E&O.  This restaurant is pretty much everything I love about a dining out experience. The menu is small but varied which is a huge tick in my books because I hate going through menu's and usually just ask the waiter to bring us a couple of the best reccomended things. The food is DELICIOUS and the cocktails are equally as good. The vibe is busy, buzzing and fun.. And most of all, the waiters are exceptionally attentive and super nice. 

We ordered the Prawn and Chive dumplings, Chilli Salt Squid (obviously), Spicy Salmon Roll, Duck-Watermelon-Cashew Salad (by far the winner of the night), Chilli Tofu, and Egg Fried Rice. They had a special of the day which was lobster maki - this was a little insane to hear as maki's are my favourite type of sushi and lobster is my favourite type of seafood so I felt this could possibly be the best thing I would ever taste in my short life! It definitely lived up to the hype and for me was the best-best-best sushi I have ever eaten! Here are some pictures of the stuff we ordered that I also found on The London Intruder's blog:

Being the living-life-large-alcoholics we are, we didn't want to end the night with just dinner so we headed over to All Star Lanes for even more delicious cocktails. I know most people always associate All Star Lanes with bowling but it really is also one of the best bar's in London that I have ever come across! There is one just a stone throw's away from where Alessandro and I live in bayswater so we always always go there when we fancy a good cocktail and don't want to travel too far. I would highly reccomend the Amaretto Sours which are not on the menu but are the best I have ever had, the Moonshine, Aloha, and the White Russian.

This is a little glimpse into the other random stuff we got up to over the week:

I love that everyone spills over onto the london pavements with beverages in hand during the summer!

 Finding this car wash an extremely therapeautic experience!

 Nando's do more than really really good chicken. They give great advice too! Peace and love xxx

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