A Day of Indulgence

If you guys are anything like me, you will be quite familiar with the following formula: fun crowd + alcohol + food + spontaneity = best weekend ever. By way of this formula, I had one of the best Sunday’s I have had so far this year. I know, I know – that is an unusually large statement to uphold but it really is true! When I was younger and used to observe my parent’s vivacious and dazzling lives in Lagos, I too used to envision that life in my 20’s would involve sunny days, great food, great drinks, great company, and just a great time.. 

My Sunday turned out to be all of those things. 

It started off with Alessandro and I deciding we wanted to do a cinema and lunch date. If any of you know Alex and I in person then you will know that we are obsessed with the cinema. It’s very lucky that we recently found out about Cineworld’s Unlimited Card. You pay £18.90 a month and literally watch an unlimited amount of films in any Cineworld cinema! Sounds too good to be true but after using it for 2 months, it really is as simple as that! We watched, ‘The Big Wedding’ which was light-hearted, refreshing, funny, and sweet.. But as you can imagine, every film has been pretty incomparable and irrelevant next to The Great Gatsby.

After the cinema, we headed to Tapas Revolution in Westfield to get a head start on our Spanish holiday. The food here is served in tiny portions, (hence the world tapas), but it is really very good. The people who run the place are all Spanish and you often see them eating little delicious plates of tapas themselves so it feels pretty trustworthy! We ordered the Calamari and Seafood Paella, and of course Churros for dessert but shhh.. It was all delicious! I really love the vibe of this place as it's so centrally placed in the mall but feels so authentic Spanish at the same time.

Next, my friend Lana called me to ask what Alex and I were upto as she was in the area with a few of our other friends.. Before I knew it, we all found ourselves in this quirky new pub in Ladbroke Grove called The Playhouse London. It’s a brand new venture that has only been open for a week but as the sun was shining and the barbecue was sizzling, it was fairly packed with a great, buzzing vibe. We stayed here for a few hours drinking what felt like endless bottles of wine from glasses that were bigger than our heads, smoking shisha, and eating amazing barbecued jerk chicken and freshly popped popcorn. 

Everyone had enormous smiles on their faces, the ones you only see unleashed once every few months in London when the sun decides to rear it’s beautiful head. No one was thinking about work or stress and everyone's great vibes kept bouncing off each other.. So much so that even though we had clearly drunk too much wine, we were in a position to keep the party going. We ventured to Lana’s house for what was classified as a ‘house party’ but actually just ended up being a bunch of us drinking even more wine, eating battered sausages, chips, and a cheeseburger, (err, this may have just been me – it’s all very unclear in my head), and playing ‘Never Have I Ever’ which is always a great way to get to know interesting facts about people and laughing till your insides feel like they will combust. 

All in all an excellent weekend spent with great people.. I can’t wait to do it all over again next weekend! xoxo

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  1. When I read your blogs about fun days,I also wanna do all that you do!keep writing always!luv u! xx