The Start of Something Special...

It's been hours, days, months.. And possibly even years since my very last post. So naturally I thought it must be time to make a re-appearance. My facebook page is getting over loaded with pictures (which is how you know summer has begun), but I find that it feels rather empty to stick a bunch of pictures on there with no background story to tell! So here I am, dragged back from the dead, to tell you all, (especially you, Reana), a few stories :-)

This weekend, Alessandro and I decided to go to the circus. Not just your average circus filled with clowns.. This was Circus Maximus! It's been an on-going production over the last month, but this weekend a winner was announced and we were there to witness it! It's obviously too late to tell any of you to pay the show a visit as it finished today and won't be back again until this time next year, but I will tell you all to go next year because it really is such a fun atmosphere! 

I have a slight addiction to trapeze acts and this show was full of them. It's very refreshing to see boys and girls who are around the same age as me being so entertaining and creative in their little circus world. I often wish I could have run off and join the circus myself but unfortunately life has headed in a very different direction for me!

We were also in Southbank a couple of weekends ago to watch Limbo and I will go as far as saying that it was one of the greatest things I have ever seen in London. It is another circusy type of show (yes, clearly I have an addiction to these things!), but it is filled with sexual vous-a-vous and a very old-school vibe. Tickets start at £10 and the show runs until Septmeber so I would definitely encourage all of you beutifully, funny, and lovely people to give it a watch. It will make your summer complete and make you feel like you're in a very different but amazing alternate-reality.

Anyway, I am digressing. As you can imagine, they didn't let us take any pictures inside the venue, so instead we took a few around southbank where the weather was glorious and the farmer's market was heaving. In true blogging-virgin fashion, I left my camera's memory card at home so I was only able to take around 5 pictures! But alas, at least this very long and wordy post is one way to mark my return. 

After the show, we headed to one of the many ice-cream vans and ate our whippy's (with flakes of course), whilst watching the street acts around Embankment. We then walked over to the farmer's market and gorged endlessly on divine street food. I had the grilled haloumi and Alex had the Moroccan Harissa Chicken (both of which were very very delicious). I then had momentry amnesia and forgot that I'm counting down days to my holiday and working hard for a beach body and insisted that we get churros for dessert. 

I think Churros might be one of my most favourite desserts on this planet. The sugary little doughnuts covered in cinnamon and dipped in chocolate make my life just that little bit more complete. Oh how lucky I am to be going off to the Canary Islands soon where Churros indeed originate from so I can have endless portions of them while sunning myself on a white sandy beach! No coincidence there at all in my planning and booking of this holiday... 

Anyway, the fun (and fatness), didn't just stop there. We walked past a dessert stall that seemed to specialise in a variety of cheesecakes. Now cheesecake is something that I will NEVER put my hands up in the air and apologise for eating. Cheesecake is worth being fat for. It is God's gift to human beings and we should do nothing more than appreciate this divine goodness! Moreover, this little cheesecake stall sells a slice of cheesecake SO good that you feel like you're in that episode of Friends where Chandler and Rachel start stealing their neighbours cheesecake and even go as far as eating it off the floor when it falls. I would do that for this slice of heaven. It is priced at £2.80 and you will want to eat it if it was your very last meal in this world. I am not one to exaggerate but this cheesecake is the best I have had in my life (and I have had A FRICKING LOT). You need to try one of these bad boy's! I wish I could have gotten a picture but my camera died at this point and the slice didn't last the journey home. But I trust I'll be going back rather often for another addictive slice so fear not, I will send you the photographic evidence soon.

ANYWAY, to conclude, I think southbank is where 90% of London heads to when the sun shines.. But if you haven't been yet then PLEASE go at some point this summer because it really is phenomenal! Here are some pictures to tempt you:

For you little fashionista's, I'm wearing a Miss Selfridge dress, Forever 21 jumper, Topshop denim jacket and boots, and a Love Moschino Handbag. 

Peace! xx

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