Accessory Addiction

On the train back to London yesterday, I spotted a very fashionable and very fabulous woman. She wore a casual black t-shirt dress but her accessories made her stand out immensely. 

She spent her train journey into London reading Grazia, playing on her iPad, writing notes into her Smythson journal.. And probably wondering why there was a girl sitting opposite her staring in awe.

The reason for my creepy behaviour was because her accessories looked so effortlessly put together but in turn made her look like a celebrity. She had on simple gold jewellery and was holding a woven basket handbag with a scarf tied around the handle (probably designer). She was also wearing tan cork-wedge heels which matched her bag quite nicely. 

Basically, her accessories made her entire outfit complete, perfect, and effortlessly chic. As you can imagine, she is the inspiration behind my post today.

I've been online shopping all morning to find similar accessories. This is what I've found so far to make my entire outfits look complete, perfect, and effortlessly chic too.

1. I don't usually wear watches but this Olivia Burton (£55) one is amazing. I like small faces and dainty straps because I think they look more lady-like and elegant, so this is perfect for me. Plus I already own this handbag so this watch would be a perfect match!

2. My favorite writer and blogger, Gemma Burgess, blogged about these amazingly feline cat-eye sunglasses by Sabre Runway ($100), a few weeks ago. Anything Gemma says, I buy. She has some powerful selling ability to make everything sound like you simply cannot live without it. I'm so glad I did buy these even though they were $100 because they suit my face shape like no other and make me look like some kind of 1950's movie star. They're very dark and very glam and I really do feel like I could never live without them now! On a side note, Gemma also made me buy Nars Carthage lipstick which is also something I now cannot live without and neither can you, probably.

3. I love shoes, I love Michael Kors, and so naturally I love these Michael Kors Cork Sandals (£51.10 on sale). I love the colour and they're pretty much identical to the ones the lady had on the train yesterday so I know they're fabulous. They will be especially cute in the summer and will look pretty immense with shorts, skirts, dresses, seven-eights.. you catch my drift?

4. I am that girl that has too much jewellery but never wears any of it. I have a lot of statement pieces but really prefer simple things to wear on a day-to-day basis. Having said that, all I really tend to wear is a gold heart necklace and silver Tiffany ring that my boyfriend bought me, and a gold heart bracelet and silvery tiffany bracelet that my parents bought me. So I think these Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings (£28.61) are a definite winner and would be a nice addition to my very simple collection. I wear my hair up quite often so I think they'd stand out. Plus I like gold on my skin so these are fab!

5. Still on the subject of Marc Jacobs, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this kindle case (£31.88). I am always reading my kindle on the tube, at home, on the beach, walking.. So it would be amazing to have something as bright and fun as me (har har) to be attached to my kindle.

6. Same as number 4, this Jacquie Aiche ring (£89.93) is lovely, simple, elegant, and a perfect match to the Marc Jacobs earrings as above. As you can see, I have a thing for gold, heart shaped jewellery and can't get enough of the different variations these come in!

7. I also have a thing for pink handbags and this Michael Kors handbag (£541.61) is pretty incredible. It is also pretty pricey. I love the colour and I love the handles and I really feel like I may not be able to live without it.. So as mine and Alex's 5 year anniversary is on Friday, I may have to do some serious convincing to recieve this as a gift! I'll keep you updated on the outcome of this! xoxo

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