Food Fatigue

Since my vacay to Fuerteventura 5 weeks ago, the worst has happened. The worst being that I have put on 6lbs in 35 days. I have a (bad) tendency to check my weight everyday so it hasn't come as that much of a shock, but still, it is shocking regardless!

After flicking through my summer pics so far, it was not surprising to see how I've put this weight on. The past few weeks have been an endless blur of wining and dining combined with no form of exercise. It is definitely not a recommendable routine, but here I am looking all happy and glowing because I am stuffing my face like it's Christmas at all these devil-type places offering me delicious food and making me fat.

I wrote about this place below here, but since then it has gone downhill. Regardless, they still do great calamari and even better churros and that is why I am smiling like a fool who has been beaten by food yet again.

This is Saporitalia. They have very, very, very delicious food, but the restaurant gets REALLY hot during the summer because they have no air-con. They also have a wood-fired oven which makes the place even hotter, but I can imagine it being so perfect and cosy during winter. Please go here instead of me, you will not be disappointed but you will be in a food coma!

This is from Vappiano.I go to this place way too much because it is so fun, but I need to stop! I love the way you que up to order and the chefs make your meal in front of you before handing it over. As usual I ordered a whole plate of pasta, and as usual I licked the whole plate clean. Everything is always super fresh and SO tasty which makes it even harder to resist!

This is my mum's home cooked Chilli Paneer. She only makes it a couple of times a year when I see her and is it incredible, but it is also essentially blocks and blocks of cheese so you can only imagine how fatty it is. I will allow myself to have no more until next summer as punishment!
I am seriously obsessed with sushi and tend to have it for lunch everyday. Yesterday however, I should have eaten the salad that came with my crispy fried tofu at Yo Sushi, as below, so that I wouldn't have to order anything else...

But instead I ate this deep fried stuff because I am an idiot!

Look at that smile on my face, I'm not even sorry! I really am just a sucker for food!

I have been on weight watchers, (the old version), since January and have consistently lost over 2lbs a week at least (when I stick to my points religiously that is). Now it's back to the strict regime for me. Especially as I'm leaving for Croatia in a week and am nowhere near bikini body ready!

I actually really like Weight Watchers as a method of weight loss. My points allowance is 21 a day, and I usually distribute these throughout the day with equal point meals for each meal. I start by having a bowl of cereal, coffee, and banana for breakfast, sushi for lunch, and pasta for dinner. Obviously there is a lot of variation to this, but this is the most reoccuring menu. If I have points left over, I'll have a glass of wine or a mini mars bar ice cream as dessert. What other diet allows you to have such amazing treats?!

I like that you can eat what you like as long as it's in moderation. I know weighing your food and calculating the points of every single ingredient isn't everyone's cup of tea, but if you have the patience then it's definitely worth looking into because everytime I have done the programme consistently, I always have a guaranteed weight loss of anything between 1-3lbs a week. I also like that most restaurants have their nutritional values online so it's easy to find the points of things you eat when you're out and you can plan ahead.

Unfortunately, I've gotten too carried away this summer but am definitely going back on track now after witnessing the cruel evidence on my weighing scales today. The restaurants listed above are some of my favourite places to go to in London during the summer, but they will no longer be getting my custom because they make me fat.. but you guys can go and enjoy on behalf of me because all the food they offer is INCREDIBLE.

As anyone who has been successful on a diet before will tell you, everything is good in moderation. If you've had a bad day food wise, then work out for an hour to compensate. If you crave something naughty then allow yourself and cut it from your points intake the next day. 

Now I just need to keep repeating all of this to myself and stop getting carried away by the sweet smell of things! Bikini body round 2, here I come! xoxo

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