Miller & Carter - The God of all Yorkshire Restaurants

As you all know, I'm still in Leeds and I'm still obsessed with food, so today's post is a combination of the two.

My sister and her boyfriend have been raving about Miller and Carter for quite some time now. Obviously due to their endless praises about this joint, we went in there with high expectations and ravenous appetites, and boy, we were not disappointed.

I must admit that I wasn't initally sold on the tagline of 'experts in steak' because I am not much of a meat eater myself, but my sister claimed that she knew me better than I knew myself and kept insisting that I would love it. 

I really am questioning my likes and dislikes now because my sister has been right about me on more occasions than I have. For example, the most recent and major revealation we discovered was that for the longest time, I was convinced that I did not like Oreo Cookies. I know, sounds a little bit sinister to me too!

I felt like the odd child who never went through the obsession of breaking these biscuits in half and dunking them in milk, or licking the icing off the centre before attacking the outside.. That was until she stuffed some down my face a few months ago and since then I have been addicted. 

It seems that I got so used to telling people I didn't like Oreos as a child that I never bothered trying them again as an adult, and now I feel sad at how much time I have wasted not eating them!

Anyway, back to the main act. Miller & Carter was great. The decor reminded me of red-brick walled, chic, sophisticated, New York hubs, and I half expected to hear jazz music blaring out of their music systems to fit the cool vibe. 

The atmosphere was very chilled and relaxed, the service was a little slow in the beginning but then we got a lovely, charasmatic waiter who made us giggle a lot and order things we wouldn't usually so it definitely got better. However, the food was undeniably the winner of the entire experience.

The meat was cooked to perfection. It was juicy, succulent, and very, very flavoursome. The chips and mashed potatoes were how I imagine them to taste if they were offered to the queen, perfection. The prawns were so simple yet so effective. The mac 'n' cheese was average but still addictive. The mocktails and cocktails were so delicious that we had to keep ordering more. And the desserts, oh man the desserts.. They were just to die for! 

We carried our huge smiles and full tummies all the way home, all because of this divine intervention. IT WAS JUST SUCH AN EPIC MEAL, SO GOOD THAT I CAN'T EVEN TAKE IT GUYS!


 Garlic bread with cheese. This was definitely a clear winner.


 Creme Brulee.. I'M STLL DYING.

I'm already planning another trip to eat here again, (like the meat-loving carnivore that I now know I am), before we set off back to London! xoxo

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