The Search For Something Beautiful

I'm back! I haven't written in forever because I got tied down with uni work which I eventually had to do.. And my dad and sister are currently visitng me in London and naturally they've made me their personal chauffeur so I've been driving them around everywhere and eating dinner out everynight.. It's truely ghastly, especially as my boyfriend wants to go on holiday next week and I am in no frame of mind or body shape whatsoever!

Anyway, I haven't checked the world of blogging in days so for now here are some picsI'm currently loving:


  1. wow just found your blog while looking for shoes !! Are these light bulb Chanel's yours amazing !!!! I am loving your blog BTW going to follow xxxxx

  2. Your a real amazing person, I found this blog to be one of your best yet and knowing how much you love attention, I'm almost certain this post will make your day :) x