Interview Process

Today is the day! My interview at Maje. Now I never knew exactly how maje was meant to be pronounced, and I didn't want to look like an obscene idiot during my interview.. So obviously the only logical thing to do was to prank call the sloane street store and see how they answered the phone. Worked like a charm! So now I'm all set to work for 'maa-shje' (or something like that. I don't know, it's bloody french).

I still feel drowsy and drugged up due to all my doses of benelyn which my roommate later told me acts like a hypnotic drug, and if you were to give it to a child they would sleep for like a year! So hopefully this wont effect my aura today, and fingers crossed I won't fall asleep on the tube next to a homeless man or something. Or even worse, fall asleep mid sentence during the interview! Shit could get ugly.

I really would like this job as I have so much free time now that uni's more or less over, plus I need the monies desperately - If you're going to have an addiction to shopping, you need a way to pay off that addiction homez! Plus I am so in love with all of their clothes! Everything is so on-trend, glamorous and fabulously chic. I'll do a post later on pics of their clothes but I'm kind of in a rush now and writing this like speedy gonzales as my painted nails dry. Clearly I'm treating this interview like a first date; painted nails, shaved legs, curled hair, face full of make up and TONS of YSL - Parisienne perfume (it is seriously divine).

Anyway, I'm using all of the below as inspiration of what to wear to my interview today.. I'm going for 'smart/casual' and I also want to put my hair in an updo but doubt it'll work well with my new slightly wonky fringe. Enjoy, and wish me luck!

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  1. ambiii!! good luck for ur interview. ur gonna do fab, i'm sure u'll charm the pants off them. can't wait to hear how it goes. nats xx