Pity Party

Day 5 of being ill and everyone has stopped giving me sympathy. So now I am going into recluse in my room. This morning I watched the new episode of Gossip Girl and got so angry I started throwing my 'used' tissues (I have the flu) at my little laptop screen. God damn serena van-der-woodsen, she really IRRITATES me. She is really not fit as plus she can't act, she's always got one miserable face on that I'd like to punch.

Also, my ASOS delivery arrived this morning. Maybe it's to do with the fact that I currently only have £80 to last me through the month of May (yes the month that has literally just started), but I decided to send everything I ordered back (aside from the broken hearts tee - that was just too special). My new mantra: If it's not perfect, it's not worth it! On the plus side, if I do end up getting the job at Maje then that means I can pay off my overdraft(s) AND pay for my 2 week holiday AND still have money left over to shop for summery things! HOORAY!

In other news, I'm using Bregje Heinen as my model inspiration this week. She is so-so exquisite and she dresses so-so stylishly. I loooove this outfit! If only global warming would piss off and give us back warm sunshine then I can resort to shorts with no tights too!
 (all images from trendycrew)


  1. Hahahaha, you are pretty hilarious, I feel the same about SVDW and her frown face too.

    Don't you think that Bregje looks just like Lily Donaldson?

    Cute blog, oh and I love that you're wearing a tiara a few posts down- hilarious!


  2. Effortless, simple, yet perfect in every way possible!


  3. Great choice for your model inspiration!


  4. Bregje is so beautiful, just like an angel! xx