Last friday, I had to end my internship at The Daily Express's Fashion Department a week earlier due to stress, nausea, and a hiiigh pile of work-to-be-done anxiety. You would think that with all this free time I've been introduced to, I would have had time to write a post - this is clearly not the case. Since last friday, I have been too busy getting drunk, not cleaning my room, socialising, driving and attempting to cook to write a post. It has been serious fun times.

I really want to post some pictures up because with all this free time, a lot more thought goes into my "effortless" way of throwing things together. Unfortunately, a biatch that I know has temporarily stolen my camera. I don't even understand why she has stolen it to be honest, she has a camera of her own which takes better pictures than mine! What an ass.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to go shopping on ASOS for some summery stuff for this years holiday/s. I don't know where I'm going as yet, or if it's going to be a girly holiday, or a cheese-fest couples one.. But I thought what the hell and bought some bright fun stuff anyway. I really can't wait until it's so hot it becomes morally correct to walk the streets naked! I have no shame.

click on picture to englarge it:
1. Asos bandeau sparkle dress
2. Fairground bandeau coral dress
3. Asos heart print jersey skirt
4. Asos coral summer dress
5. Asos broken heart striped tee
6. Asos swallow chain necklace

... AND TO THINK I ONLY SPENT £80 ON EVERYTHING.. Asos is seriously my healthiest and favourite past-time. Now only for that little rat to give my camera back and then I can finally post outfit pictures up! Hang in there!

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