I'm having the WORST day. Yes, it really is that bad. A couple more hours and then it'll all be over, but.. THEN THERE'S TOMORROW, AND THEN THE REST OF THE WEEK.. AND THEN THE BLOODY WEEK AFTER THAT ASWELL. Ugh. 8 long, dreary, unpaid days to go until FREEDOM!

I am so tired and depressed. This is the down side of interning, it sucks. You do the jobs no one else wants to do. And worst of all you do them for free.. How is this even a little pollitically correct?! It's not. It's UNETHICAL.

On top of this, I have no money. I don't really understand how this is possible seeing as I got sooo much for my birthday and hardly bought anything substantial with it. Although I did pay off my £500 credit card debt. So really I do understand how this is possible. Plus the fact that interning means I'm putting in my own money for travel and lunch, and all the eateries around my work area are fancy and expensive. And I pretty much fail in the kitchen so bringing in a packed lunch is not an option. Ugh! Bastard money running out and ruining my life. All I want to do is do rounds of tequilla shots all night and then be too busy being drunk to care about life. I believe my aim to behave like Gandhi has been shot to hell. Maybe I'll give it another 10 years to be like the legend, when I am calmer and my sister stops telling me I need anger management sessions.

In other news, I have an interview to intern for Stella McCartney's press office over the summer. It's another bloody unpaid internship but I'm thinking of working on the side just to pay off my very heavy debt (I have an addiction, I don't know what to say). Maybe I should just be positive and think that this will benefit me and my CV in the long run?

Another thing keeping me positive is this:

A look so cute I wouldn't mind finding myself in even more debt just so I can recreate the exact look on myself. Ugh, now I know why I'm in such debt in the first place. 2 words: EASILY PLEASED. And ladies, that really isn't always a good thing.

Hope you're all having a better start to the week than I am!

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