A Week In Pictures

I am aware that these pictures blaitently suck but they're there to give you a glimpse of the past week at work. Like I mentioned earlier, I am definitely not a morning person but when I saw the drawing on the whiteboard of the London Underground, I quickly perked up. Someone obviously woke up on the right side of the bed and had LOTS of time to spare but I'm glad they did because I noticed that whenever someone would see the drawing, they immediately had a smile on their face afterwards.

The images of the shoes (Steve Madden and Kurt Geiger) were taken to demonstrate reasons why I love my interning job sometimes even when it can get very tedious (cough, returns suck, cough). I really like the detail on each shoe and I'm a sucker for anything studded or sparkly so I feel they epitomise me, thus I have to have them!

I got a really crap picture of the office but you can visualize it's a gazillion times bigger than that with lots more people and lots more energy. But at least now you know what the inside of a real life magazine/newspaper office looks like :-)

The picture of the model posing was taken on a photoshoot I helped at last week in this amazing historic conservatory. I had to take it from the back and from miles away because I knew I'd get into trouble if I was being snap happy with my blackberry whilst in a professional environment lol - That is so typically something I'd get in trouble for aswell.

And lastly, I was having a really shit day at work yesterday and one of the head stylists came over to give me a cupcake from this vintage patisserie. It said "I Heart Shoes" on it and I really couldn't have asked for anything more perfect. It tasted so divine aswell, might have to consider this vintage cupcake place topping my usual favourite: Hummingbird Bakery. Now that is really saying something.

So there you go, a week in pictures. Now to start my essay and spend 10 hours on it before hand-in.. Somethings will never change!

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