1 Week And 1 Day To Go!

I am SOO excited about my birthday party! I'm a little depressed about turning 21, especially as I met the coolest 15 year olds at work (they were interning for their 2 week work experience). It totally made me miss being young and having that thrill of going to parties and drinking alcohol underage, and finally getting to kiss each different boy I fell in love with every week.. (I know right?!) Anyway, I booked the venue today so I am even more excited now because it's all coming together. It's this cute as hell bar lounge tucked away in Notting Hill Gate. It's called Ruby and Sequoia. I also sent out all 120 invites (through facebook and texts so nothing glamorous but still..) Most people have RSVP'd yes so I'm really excited.. No better way to celebrate turning 21 then with good friends, good cocktails, good music, amazing birthday cake and a fabulous venue. Oh and I forgot to mention the best part of all..Getting to rip open my presents!


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