Grown Ups

Well the day finally came and now I can officially say I'm an adult.. 21 years old baby! Legal in like every country! I'm so psyched about my birthday, it was fabulousa. I went to the spa and got all glammed up, then my very lovely boyfriend took me out for a fabulous dinner. Clearly I'm saving all the drunken disasters for my party on saturday though ;-)

Anyway, all this 'growing-up' has left me feeling wiser and maturer, which most people will say is hardly believable! So today I started thinking more about my new flat and how I want to decorate my room to coincide with my personality and age, and here's some inspriation I'm using:

(All images from Wehearit)

So here is my list of key things to keep in mind to get my new room looking fabulous:

  • A lot of light should be able to enter the room (more or less through windows!)
  • Nice furniture e.g. modern marble or oakwood to avoid clutter and chaos
  • A lovely and eclectic mix of cushions and sheets to decorate the bed
  • Wall-art
  • Fairy lights (non-tacky looking)
  • Nice curtains/blinds
  • Pretty lampshades
  • An interesting rug and throw for the bed
  • A sophisticated colour for the walls e.g. yolk or lilac. Or beautiful wallpaper!
  • Book shelf 

Do you follow these guidelines too? If not, what are your suggestions?

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