Spring Awakening

The sun was shining in London yesterday and man alive, it was long (and depressingly) over due! The weather hasn't been good to us as of late so yesterday's change in temperature was really exciting; so exciting that my boyfriend drove his convertable with his top down! (Inevitably he is now suffering from a cold - the sun may have been out but it is still March in London afterall, the weather isn't soaring anything above 12 degrees yet doll!)

Anyway, this little bit of sunshine really uplifted my mood. I no longer minded that I was 10 minutes late to uni but too scared to walk in as the lecturer was mid-presentation, so instead I (unfortunately) resorted to aimlessly kill time in the library; (I would never recommend this - you are never going to find anyone fun in there). I also no longer minded that someone parked so far up my car's ass that it would have taken a can opener to ever bring Max Payne (my little car) out again. Mainly, I didn't mind that I am officially so broke, (maxed out overdraft AND credit card - damn my unhealthy shopping addiction), that I have to do a Sainsburies economy food shop for the next few weeks..

I didn't mind all of these travisties simply because I know summer is on its way here now and that thought alone is enough to make me not sweat the small stuff :-) Despite being a pauper (for now), I still compiled a list of my current craves from the high street that all put me in a 'sun is shining.. the weather is sweet' mood.

(click on the image to make it bigger).

  1. Floral Print Playsuit - Miss Selfridge - £38
  2. Alice Queen Vest - Miss Selfridge - £18
  3. White Heart Embroided Shorts - Miss Selfridge - £30
  4. Hawaiian Print Ruffle Playsuit - Topshop - £28
  5. Print Dress - FCUK - £75
  6. Zip Front Print Dress - FCUK - £60