A Cupcake, (And Other Nice Things), A Day Keeps The Stress Away!

I do apologise about the lack of daily posts but trust me, it has definitely not been due to sheer laziness! My uni brief's deadline is on Tuesday so I've been trying to put together something, anything, that will help me get a good grade. I'm really anal about good grades now as my last brief got me the highest grade so far, so now I feel like I'm in competition with myself! (amongst others who shan't/can't be named...)

In other news, I've found myself in Westifeld quite often in the past week as I've had to run some errands for my mom, but yesterday I felt like I landed in Mecca. I got lost in the giant maze that is Westfield, and then found myself in a shoe-store that sells gorgeous, delicious, beautifully exquisite, yummy-as-hell shoes! Here's the best part: the shoes sell for a quarter of the price that they'd sell in normal shoe stores! You can imagine my delight, I wanted to rejoice in singing and skip and run leaps around the store but obviously I have common decency (a bit), so I couldn't. The shoes are sturdy and made out of good materials so you can tell they're not dainty things that won't last more than 3 days. I wanted 7 pairs but common sense erupted in my head and I realised that I really could not afford to be the girl with no food nor a social life, but instead tons of shoes to wear this month. So naturally I only bought 2 pairs; a pair of gorgeous heels and a pair of open-toe suade a-bit-higher-than-ankle boots type thing.. (and only paid £35! BARGAIN!) :-)

Also, my diet got shot to hell when I found a cupcake bakery in the middle of Westfield. So many reasons why I can no longer go there (especially as they've now increased their car park charges!) Anyway long story short, the red velvets were definitely not as good as Hummingbird Bakery but they did the job.. And seeing as I'd already ruined the diet, my boyfriend and I even ordered a Chinese when we got in! So today I feel a little on the morbidly obese side and have to do like 100 star-jumps and 100 sit-ups so just dance around my tiny little room to feel even an ounce better.. God damn all these godly like foods luring me in!
Again, in other news, Alice in Wonderland came out last night and I JUST CANNOT WAIT TO SEE IT! And I FINALLY took my car, Max Payne, out for a very well deserved and necessary car wash and now he is gleaming, and no longer are ruthless people writing horrendous little messages on the dust that collected saying "wash me please."
Hope this keeps you occupied until next Tuesday :-)

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