As Usual.. I'm Never Doing What I'm Supposed To Be Doing..

 I know I said I wouldn't post until Tuesday but when I found this, I was just too excited to wait! I honestly was doing Uni work when I came across this amazing thing.. I had to write a shop-report on their website as an assignment but when I actually saw their website for the first time, I was transfixed. I know I'm pretty much a hobo for the rest of March after my irrational purchases which is probably why anything glam-a-rama for anything cheap-as-hell sounds like my kinda combo right now. This website is the new ASOS. They've got some beautiful stuff for really low prices and in times of a recession, that is what we're all in need of! Anyway it's 2am now and I'm so damn bored of doing this Uni brief so instead I compiled my favourite picks from the website together :-) Can anyone say: BIRTHDAY PRESENTS! Teehee.

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