The Icing On The Cake

There come's a point in everyone's life when you just think to yourself: GRRR!!! Unfortunately, that point tends to reoccur in my life a bit too often, but that's a whole other (drama-filled) story. Anyway, yesterday was such a bad day. One of those days where on a scale of 1-10, it was definitely in the 50's! I'd had enough of uni work, being broke, having the same fights with my boyfriend, as well as minor things pissing me off like split ends torturing my hair that now looks like dread-locks because of the haywire-ness of the curls! Plus I never brush my hair so that probs doesn't help. I was also so pissed off that I couldn't even do simple things like get a haircut or read my stack of magazines for so long because of the death-eater that is uni! Anyway, long story short.. I was pissed off like a cranky as hell biatch.. But today I woke up and thought: enough god-damn negativity! It's making me age and I'm only 21! (almost).

I woke up today after having only 3 hours sleep - staying up all night for deadlines is never ever fun.. I got my tired-as-hell ass into uni, handed all my work in on time (for once), AND most importantly.. I got the internship I wanted as a fashion assistant at The Daily Express newspaper! I'm really really excited about it as it's a well known and respectable newspaper, blah blah blah... but really I'm most excited to see what the wardrobe of borrowed designer clothes and shoes and handbags looks like in real life teehee.

After the crazy antics of today, I definitely resemble some sort of zombie-like creature but on a happier note; all my uni work is done and dusted until May so no more lectures or painfully trekking to Epsom, (god knows where), until September. Plus me and the boyf are grossly in love with no arguments hovering over us once again, (typical tsk tsk), but on a more serious note.. he's buying me the most perfect looking pair of Jimmy Choo heels I've ever seen for my birthday.. did someone say KEEPER?! Also, I get to finally read the stacks of fashion magazines I brought back with me from India and.. My favourite part: I treated myself to the most amazing Barry M blue glitter nail polish, nude and peachy red coloured lipsticks that I had been searching high and low for (you can see the exact colours on the olsen twins), and Maybelline's new 'Falsies' mascara which actually does work wonders and makes you have the illusion of never-ending eye lashes.. MIRACULOUS! So it all just goes to show that no matter how bad the days (and long as hell nights) get, things always start to look up when you start thinking positive.. Rainy days can end with pretty rainbows :-) Cliche I know, but so true. And if that motto doesn't work then just shop till your feet feel like they no longer exist because we all know that ALWAYS helps.

Anyway, the icing on the cake is that the new Gossip Girl episode is out today so I'm off to get comfy enough to witness the newest scandals and my two favourite girls on TV (well internet in my case).. B&S! They're my favourite examples of best friends; they're crazy and sometimes seriously destructive, but you can feel the lurve! And alas, my favourite on-screen couple.. Who's cuter than Blair and Chuck?! No one's cuter than Blair and Chuck! Hope you're all having a fabulous week so far because I know I am ;-) xoxo

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