My Favourite Ice-Cream Flavour...

The week in pictures:

This entire week has been seriously exhausting but SUCH an experience. I love love loveee working at the fashion department, their closet really is a little wardrobe of dreams and desires! Unfortunately, interning full-time (unpaid) means I have literally no money which is so so unfortuante as I keep seeing a billion things every single day that I seriously COVET like those Topshop half wedge/half heel shoes, and ALL the clothes being used on the "ice-cream story" photoshoot (pictured above), which I get to help out on next week.. Amazzzzzing :-) The hours are long but the people are so nice and the environment is always lively, fun and energetic so I can't complain. Plus I get to play with really beautiful clothes and shoes and jewellery all day so I'm really not complaining! The whole experience is really making me so determined to find an amazing job in this industry once I'm an official graduate and hopefully all the hours of unpaid internships will pay off!

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