If I Had A Twin...

I am so in love with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Ever since watching them on 'two of a kind,' I was HOOKED, and me and my older sister would always pretend to be mischevious twins like them because they always seemed to have so much fun. Even in my 20's, I still try to be just like them because they still seem to have all the fun! To me, they're the perfect epitome of individual people as well as family; they're beautiful, smart and very close. They're nearly always pictured together, and they've also started their own fashion line, 'Row,' which I think is such a smart career move for them. I find the Olsen twins impeccably gorgeous and even though their styles differ, they both dress in such a way that makes me wish I was even an animate object (like a lamp or a shoe-horn), purely so I could live in their wardrobes! So here's my ode to the Olsen twins: the only twins I know who can get it so-so right (morning and night, casual and glamour).. The only twins I will be fashionably, ridiculously and dynamically envious of, always.

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