The Rapunzel Trend

I took the day off work today as I woke up with the sorest eye ever. It's my stupid contact lenses, they keep giving me infections only on one eye! No matter how many times I open a new pack, it's always the one stupid eye that attracts this chaos.. It's like an unfair massacre. Anyway, seeing as I couldn't keep my eye open because it was too painful, I thought I'd be pretty useless at work as you are required to use all your senses in the fashion department. 

My mom doesn't live in London with me so my first instinct was to bbm her and explain the situation. I started the bbm off with "mum something terrible has happened!" This was rather foolish as she didn't even let me tell her about my eye, and instead she kept bbm-ing me possible worst scenario situations and panicking like I'd given her some sort of fatal heart attack. Eventually I got round to telling her about my eye and she gave me some possible remedies: cucumbers, or black-tea bags that have been soaked and kept in the fridge to chill? None of this worked so I went to the pharmacy to find a cure, looking like a jeepers creeper (no make up, hoodie, jeans, no effort in the slightest). This was a pretty unfortunate incident because I saw the most beautiful girl ever working behind the counter. It's like spit-in-your-eye kind of fantastic when you look your worst but see someone so effortlessly beautiful and helpful. So obviously I wanted to buy my eye-drops and get the hell out of there to avoid killing myself further but before I left, I noticed how amazing her hair was. It made me really want to try out some fabulous hairstyles as my hair's finally grown extra extra long recently. Despite being in severe need of a cut/blow-dry/conditioning treatment.. I still imagine it would be fun for a hair stylist to play with as there's so much of it! Well so much more than there use to be anyway.

Here are some hairstyles I REALLY want to try out in time for my birthday:

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