Those in Favour of a Big Booty and Skinny Waist

Is this or is this not the most motivating sight to get your ass out of bed for?

For purposes regarding the perkiest bum ever known to man (displayed in the above picture), I recently started the squat challenge again. The last time I was on it, I made it to day 19 and then gave up. 

I didn't give up because it got too hard.. It's pretty easy to stick to when you break down the squats through out the day. I gave up because my family came over for the summer and ruined me. I forgot all logic to do with losing weight whilst they were here, but now that they (the threat) are gone, I can re-start all over again just in time for skinny-jeans season (also known as Autumn here in England).

The reason I've started again is because by day 5, you can definitely feel your thighs getting stronger (and hopefully your ass getting curvier!)

Here are the songs I'm squatting my way to a perfect bum to today:

And on the subject of perky bums and fitting into that dreaded pair of skinny jeans that has been tucked away for the whole summer, here are some tips I'm using to help me reach my goal and live the dream.

1) An oldie but a goodie: Drink lots of water. Most of the time that people think they're hungry, they're just dehydrated. Drink water and reap the benefits to your skin too.

2) Keep moving. I hate the gym but I love the classes. I didn't think I'd like legs, bums and tums because I thought it would be too intense but it's become my favourite class of all time. Find out what works for you. Walk up the stairs instead of taking the escalator or lift, walk the remaining 20 minutes of your journey. Cycle. Swim. Dance - the options are endless!

3) If you're like me then you'll crave something sweet after your main meal. After dinner, Alex and I have started blending fresh strawberry, mango and banana smoothies with low fat yoghurt as dessert and it's a dream! It banishes all my sweet cravings and makes me feel great, which is usually the benefit of fruit.

4) Stop eating when you're full. My mum taught me that it's okay to waste food when you're full as opposed to wasting your body away by filling it needlessly.

5) Check your portions. E.g: The recommended amount of cereal is 30g but I've found that people always over-eat this. I eat 30g of any type of cereal a day (even though it doesn't feel like much) but it keeps me going fine till lunch so it'll work for you too. Make sure you're sticking to the recommended guidelines of your main meals too to stay on track.

6) Chew slowly. It sounds crazy but definitely works. Your meals last longer and you realise that you're full earlier than you would have had you wolfed down your food like an animal!

7) Stop your fizzy drink intake. Especially those of the diet category. The sweeteners used in these diet fizzy drinks make your body produce insulin and stomach acid to break down the sugar that your body thinks you've ingested. This will just make you even more hungrier and will up your food pangs which is never a good thing. Opt for water or fresh juice instead.

8) On weight-watchers, I've become accustomed to adding zero point value food to my meals to keep me fuller longer. These are things like salad leaves, most vegetables, and 3-egg whites. But remember to control your portions on these as well so that you don't get carried away.

9) Plan ahead. I always know what I'm cooking for the week so I know how many points I have consumed and can work out what I have left for the day. It's boring and trivial but it works like magic. Also, if you're going out, try to look up the nutritional values of the place you're going online to keep on track and give you options of what you can eat. This way, you can stick to your daily calorie/points intake.

10) Work hard on your weight loss but don't let it consume you. Have a good relationship with food. If you crave something naughty, eat it, but incorporate exercise into your diet to work it off. It's all about a healthy balance!

With these tips in mind, I've lost 30lbs over time. Some days I'm good and some day's I'm bad, but as long as I keep trying, the hardest part is already over.

Happy squatting! xoxo

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