Memories of Cruising Cambridge

This time last year, Alex and I took an impromptu trip to Cambridge and witnessed beauty in all its glory.

As we're thinking of going again before summer officially ends (which I think it already might have given that we're now in the first week of September), I thought it would be fitting to write about everything we saw the last time we were there.

Flicking through all the Cambridge pictures we accumulated from last year made me realise that either we went at the perfect time of year, or Cambridge has some magic working on it's little city. The colours look so bright, the grass so green, the sky so blue, the castles so picturesque.. It all looks a little too dream-like to be real! 

In my previous post about Betty’s Tea Room in Harrogate, I may have said that Harrogate is my new favourite place in England but I will have to retract that statement after indulging myself in these Cambridge photos because it is quite obviously the winner - I know, I'm such a sell-out!

Anyway, the first thing we did when we arrived in beautiful Cambridge was park the car, put our stuff down in our lovely hotel (more on that in a second), and take a walk down to the river cam because we were obviously going to go punting! You know, when in Cambridge..

For all of you who may not know, a punt looks just like a gondola in Venice with the curve removed. They give you the option of hiring your own punt, (which we were no way going to do as none of us are experienced in the art of punting, and falling in the river cam was not our idea of a fun city break), or going on a tour where you get told the story of Cambridge.

Of course we chose the tour because I love stories!

Our punting tour took us through the river cam where we saw many of the university's different buildings like King's College Chapel (the most famous building in Cambridge), and The Wren Library at Trinity College. Here is fun fact number one: All staircases are alphabetised in Trinity College but there are no J’s - the reason being that St. John’s is their arch rival. Fun fact number two: The University of Cambridge was officially started in 1209 by an association of scholars who came from Oxford. Our lovely punter told us that there are rumours that these scholars where in trouble with the law in Oxford and made a run for it to Cambridge..

I do enjoy a story about a bunch of trouble makers who make history!

After punting, we took a walk around the city which didn't take very long as it's so small but so lovely!

Tired but still raring to go, we decided to come back to the hotel to chill out before getting dressed for dinner.

We stayed at the Doubletree Cambridge and it was super. The beds are comfy and the room is a nice size. We had a room with a view of the river cam which was so pretty to wake up to. I would definitely recommend this hotel if you're in Cambridge, especially as it's right in the middle of the city centre.

For dinner, we went to The River Bar Steakhouse and Grill. This place is unbelievable. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm not much of a meat eater but I took a bite out of Alex's steak and it was the most delicious, cooked-to-perfection piece of meat I have ever eaten. I ordered the lobster mac and cheese which was also divine and quite an interesting choice for a lobster dish! Obviously we ordered most of the cocktails on the menu to go with our dinner. This place is perfection. It's so good that Alex and I sometimes say to each other, 'shall we drive the hour drive just to eat dinner there?' It's so worth the drive, and you cannot leave Cambridge without eating here!

The next morning before setting off back to London, we ordered room service fit for kings. Two English breakfasts, fruit bowls, a plate of croissants and pastries, juice, and LOTS of coffee. It's safe to say it kept us going until dinner time back in London where we went to bed still feeling like royalty from such a luxurious city break that didn't even cost the world.

These pictures have gotten me SO excited to go back and re-do it all over again. See you soon you beautiful place, (and officially my most favourite part of England!) xoxo

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