Strolling Through Southbank

On Sunday, I played tour guide once again and took my family out to Southbank.

If you have read my previous post about Southbank here, you will know that I am slightly in love with this area of London.

When I say slightly, what I really mean is that I will use any excuse to drag anyone I know out here during the summer. Once I do that, I will keep asking, 'do you like it??' with wide eyed enthusiasm, and will also ask annoying rhetorical questions such as, 'isn't it just SOOOOOO AMAZING?!' to reiterate the greatness of this area and ensure other people feel the same way too.

The thing is, there is really nothing at all to not like about Southbank. It's everything great that London has to offer all in one area and it makes you appreciate London 100x more than you ever could imagine. There are food stalls, street acts, rides, fun places to drink outdoors in the sunshine, fun places to eat/drink indoors come rain (or shine), shows, tourist attractions and tourists (of course), and a million more special things to blow your mind.

So here's how our story started. My family wanted to do something touristy as the weather was spectacular so I decided to share my secret with them and spread the love for Southbank. I knew they'd love it because The Real Food Market takes place every weekend in Southbank and offers an HUGE variety of mouth-wateringly, delicious, unreal food. My family, like me, will get ready at the drop of a hat at the mere mention and promise of fabulous food. And so we did.

We got off at Waterloo, took a left, walked all the way down the road past the IMAX cinema (tourist attraction number 1 acknowledged), smelt some delicious things up ahead, sniffed out the direction of these heavenly whiffs, ran as fast as our little legs would allow and eventually found ourselves in the abundance of a million food stalls. 

Spoilt for choice and not knowing where to start, we took a tour through the market and decided on what smelt the best, mentally making a checklist of everything we needed to try, and off to work we went.

We definitely got over-excited, over-ordered, and ate our body weight in food. After that, a walk was definitely in order. We walked all through Southbank and took pictures with the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and other London Jewels in the background. 

During our walk, we found the English version of Coney Island. We played games, went on rides and found ourselves feeling carefree and fun like little kids again. 

After our stroll, we went to watch Limbo and once again it was OUT OF THIS WORLD. The performers are so incredible, the show is so breath-takingly good, and the music is unreal. Please please please go watch this show, you will not regret it!

When I first met Alex five years ago, we went to Winter Wonderland together and I demanded that he win me a prize. Unfortunately, he did not perform well under the pressure and I went home with no cute stuffed animal by my side. 

This time, Alex won the shooting game on his first round and won me the most amazing giraffe who I have decided to name Zurich (or Zuzu, whatever you prefer). His aim was so good that he thinks he should join the army now!

My cousin also won this cute monkey for his girlfriend who is currently living abroad too. So old-fashioned but romantic!

 Somehow we managed to find more food on offer...

Such an amazing time in such an amazing place. London, I am your biggest fan!


  1. Great writing!

  2. *sighh* loved this post....southbank is my fav. part of London too :) think I might take S this weekend. Nats x