Fashion’s [Free] Night Out

Sorry I haven’t updated this blog with my random ramblings in over a week. Once again I blame work. I’ve been compiling an editorial report at work and it’s taking me forever – my only advice to you other PR girls and boys is to compile the editorial as soon as you have ANY coverage as it takes forever to do once you let it all pile up on the computer. It’s taken me an entire week and we’re still not fully done! So ridiculous! But anyway, I’m just so happy it’s the weekend now that I won’t even rant!

Another reason I haven’t been able to update this is because my boyfriend recently got employed by a law firm so we both get home in the evenings and all he wants to do is chill before bedtime – He doesn’t even let me read my magazines which are also piling up! Things adding up is really becoming a reoccuring theme in my life now!

On thursday this week, my friend Eisha from work dragged me to Fashion’s Night Out and it was meant to be a quick walk around, however, we naturally got fazed by all the free champagne, cupcakes and food so we ended up staying until 10ish and had the best time! All/most designer shops were packed with fashion saavy people who we were meant to schmooze but instead we drank ourselves silly and took tons of pictures on the free photobooths which I adore! Especially the tiffany’s one as I’m slightly obsessed with tiffany and co! We also que'd up in an Hermes que for an hour to play a game and win a goodie bag (which only had a pack of cards containing different ways to wear an Hermes scarf) and a bookmark and magazine but oh well, I suppose this is what you do for anything Hermes dahling! I definitely suggest you all go next year and make the most of this fabulously free night out! xoxo

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