A Week In Ambika’s Amazing World!

It’s friday night, 9:44pm, and here I am writing this blog. Naturally is not out of choice, I am 22 afterall. However, a week at Banana Republic has more or less killed me. I am currently in bed and unable to move and I am SO excited for the long weekend as it’s time to relax, unwind, drink and dance. Since I’m currently crippled, beaten and bruised (from the hard interning days, not from a random mugging attack) I thought it would be best to post pictures of the week to display the hard work behind stores that people don’t see! The next time you’re out shopping or reading a magazine, and you see some nice looking put together outfits, please take a second to think of all us hard working interns who work hard for nothing but a good reference! We are the ones who are doing things to attract all you people to shop in the first place - true story. Enjoy mi amore’s! xoxo

Shellac holding up after a week of nail torture.

Our desk – as tidy as it’ll ever be!

Props used for Gap’s new advertising campaign. Coolest looking bikes ever!


These pictures are of us preparing for Banana Republic’s press day event coming up in Paris. It’s total chaos
and clothes meltdown and we are only 40% done but somehow we are still alive!

So there you have it folks. The glamour really never ends in PR as you can clearly see hehe. But to all you fellow interns out there, just keep remembering that all our hard work will eventually pay off. Work hard, play harder! But alas, I’ll leave the playing till tomorrow night as tonight I’m off to snooze. Welcome to the wonderful world of fashion PR! xoxo

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