Glitter Bitter

I am SO loving everything glitterfied right now, but I am also SO miserable as interning means I’m more or less broke as hell, as well as majorly into my overdraft… Despite this, I’m naturally still looking for amazing glitterfied pieces to torture myself with..

Glitter Heels

Asos Glitter Heels - £40



                    Asos Rebel London Glitter Wedges - £40     




The first asos pair are so delicious and I love the entwined snakeskin detail. If there’s anything I’ve learnt at Banana Republic – it’s that snakeskin is HUGE this autumn/winter. As for the other 2 pairs of wedges, I’ve looked at them a few times now and sometimes they look so different, yet sometimes so similar. Obviously it makes more sense to opt for the cheaper version but I really like the unusual irregular wedge of the Rebel London Pair. But for a currently pauper intern, am I really in a position to pay £15 for one minor detail change in a pair of shoes? Hmm, I’d say I am!

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