Never Say Never…

Sunday’s are meant to be a day of rest but since I started interning, Sunday's now seem to just whizz on by even before I’ve had time to drink my morning coffee. There’s always so much I want to fit into my weekends as they’re the only free time I have now, and I’m still finding it hard to adjust after having 3 months off doing nothing but loitering around in my pyjamas with my boyfriend for most of that time! Nowadays, weekends are my days where I want to wear shorts because I can’t wear them to work, and also the days that I want to sleep in, take my own sweet time to get ready, as well as wash and blow-dry my hair and then spend the rest of the day doing mostly nothing. However that hardly seems to happen. This is a list of things I needed to get done before my Monday morning blues kicked in:

- Get threaded.

- Get a manicure.

- Get new batteries for my watches.

- Sort out my entire wardrobe (this was wishful thinking).

- Take my little sister to see Smurfs.

I actually got through most things on the list with a little bit of improvising here and there, i.e. I gave myself a manicure because my nail place was shut, as for the wardrobe.. sigh… don’t get me started! I managed to get every piece of clothing out, tried on a few bits and then got so severely bored that I just put everything back. However, I did manage to sort everything out by style (dress, t-shirt, shirt) and then by colour, and then by strapless, sleeveless, half sleeves and full sleeves. I know, I can’t believe I have organisation skills either but I suppose interning has taught me a fair few things! Anyway on a different note, I got home yesterday and my little sister forced me to watch Never Say Never (Justin Biebs’s film) and my goodness, I am now so in love with Justin! I am even more in love with Justin and Selena.. I think they make the cutest couple ever! I can’t believe Bieb’s has a fan base exceeding Kim Kardashian, and that his tour at Madison Square Gardens sold out when he was only 16. He’s a child prodigy, I’m sold! And I totally don’t mind spending the rest of my weekends having Beiber Fever!



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