Hoes Before Bros

Lately I've been thinking about the past a lot and reminising on some amazing times. I used to have a friend, (amongst many others), who was fabulous.. (always wanted her own way.. but still fabulous). We had been friends since we were 9 and met in ballet class. She was like my soul-mate and we were joint at the hip through primary and secondary school.. But as we all know, life takes it's toll and thing's change, people change and situations tend to get god-damn-messy. Sometimes change makes way for the better, but sometimes it makes way for the worse.  

As it goes, me and this friend are no longer in touch due to tons of reasons, but even so, I'm glad I can look back and know that I had the creme-de-la-crop of a best friend at one point in my life. The whole situation that occured with this girl really taught me to cherish the friends in my life now because they are the ones who are going to be there in the long run, and to be honest they are 100,000 times more fabulous than my wacko-jacko ex friend!

So here's to all my beautiful, smart and amazing friends.. Whether you live down the road or a million miles away, I will always be there for you like you've all been there for me. Even if that means waking up at 3am to come help you kick some bitches ass, or whether you need an accomplice to dance on tables with, eat junk food with, or just be generally crazy in full force.. You know you can always count on me to be crazy with you. 

Love you all forever because you know it's hoes before bros.. ALWAYS! :-)

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