Boots And Boys

Last friday I assisted on a photoshoot and the story was 'denim'. It was seriously amazzzing to see a real-life shoot take place with real models, real photographers and real styling that would eventually make it to print. I was especially shocked as the model turned out to be beautiful and smart and really funny. She was a Russian girl that had lived in London as a model for 6 years. Anyway, it sure as hell made me laugh when she told me she asked her english live-in boyfriend if he would marry her for visa purposes only! Even funnier, he said no because of his principles lol!

Anyway, the thing I loved most about the shoot was the styling. I LOVED the use of shorts and the way they were incorporated into masculine looks with hints of femininity; whether this was portrayed through romantic blouses mixed with brouges, or lace mixed with boots, or most commonly: the use of manly shoe-boots. This isn't a style I'd normally sport myself but after seeing the images from the shoot and on the street, I think I'm going to have to start moving out of my comfort zone a little and endure in this little gem of a trend as it looks oh-soo-good!

Note to self: DEFINITELY have to invest in a pair of patterened sheer black tights like the dotted ones shown below. They're fabulous, especially during spring weather!

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