London Fashion Week Brings Me Back For Good!

Wow it really has been FOREVER since my last post.. Thus I decided to ressurect the blog and at no better time then the week that is famously known as London Fashion Week :-)

I had the opportunity to help backstage as a dresser during the PPQ show on Saturday but I then got moved around and ended up working Front of House (which basically meant I had to seat everyone down in their correct seats, avoid catfights over first row seats and basically be impeccably suave at all times). In the end, I got to watch the show so it was worth it.

Here are some (very bad quality pics taken from my not so worthy blackberry) of the PPQ show:

my favourite model!

Peaches Geldof.. Actually very pretty in real life

The shoe boots I'm currently dying for

Models getting hair and make up done.. My favourite part!

The Autumn/Winter collection was still in keeping with the 2009 velvet trend and PPQ stayed true to their brand idenity with metallic gold playsuits, slouchy cardigans, worn-in sweaters and BEAUTIFUL shoeboots that are DEFFO going on my birthday wishlist ;-)

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